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Faiss Middle School, on the westside of the Las Vegas Valley, has over 100 solar panels on the roof churning out power.  Principal Roger West refers to the rooftop renewable energy project at the school as the “quiet giant.”

West stated, when speaking of the rooftop panels, “We’re able to kind of quietly reap the benefits of them.  It’s not taking up space that would be used.  We’re not losing a parking lot.  We’re not losing areas (where) kids could be playing.”

The Clark County School District has installed rooftop solar panels on 42 schools in the district and is saving $514,000 per year on energy costs and these schools represent about 13 percent of the total school campuses.

Three companies have jointly pitched the idea of shifting the entire school district to solar power in January.  So far, the CCSD School Board has taken not any action on this venture although they can always revisit the topic to discuss and request proposals.

A switchover to all schools in the district would be a huge task and would require proper vetting.  Tom Willard, a former school board member in California and principal of the California solar consulting firm Sage Renewables stated “Really a best practice is to get somebody who knows what they’re doing to really pull it apart, look at it, and give a disinterested third-party view of the proposal.”   

The project to switch schools to solar power would be built somewhere in Nevada and could result in cost savings of $140 million over twenty years. Some of the School Board members are not convinced of a provision that would lock in the cost of the electricity for 25 years.

Currently, the school district gets most of their electricity from NV Energy and is paid for the solar projects partly through the SolarGeneration  and Lower Income Solar Energy Pilot programs – both created by the Nevada State Legislature and are funded by NV Energy customers –providing financial incentives for customers to install solar panel systems.

Bottom Line-The CCSD has not made any decisions on the solar power proposal and will hopefully look at it again.

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