Top 10 Things To Do To Improve Your Home's Sellability

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The Top Ten Ways to Make Your Home More "Sell-able"

The first impression that your home provides will go a long way in getting it sold.  With so many ideas on sites like Pinterest and other social media sites showing the current real estate trends, how do you know which ones will increase the value of your home?
Our experts took the time to wade through the research to give you a list of the top 10 things to do to improve your home's curb appeal -  with a couple bonus ideas just for good measure.  We hope you enjoy these home selling tips.  

Professional Real Estate Photography

 The internet has changed the way homes are marketed today. With over 90% of home buyers searching online for homes for sale, the pictures that they see on real estate websites can make a huge difference in getting showings.  Although smartphones today can take some great pictures, they simply can not compare with the final product from a professional real estate photographer.  In many instances, you may even be able to get the main photo from an elevated tri-pod or a drone to really catch the buyers attention.  When choosing your real estate agent, a good question to ask is if they provide professional photos for you home.

Create More Living Space

When selling your home, you should have a yard that includes a welcoming living space. You can add a deck or porch to your front yard if you do not already have one. A less expensive alternative is to create a seating area with garden tiles or a gravel area made neat and tidy with a nice border and flowers. Just creating a small space to sip coffee while watching the sunrise is a stunning upgrade that will make your home feel special.

Paint the Details of the Home

When you want to boost the appearance of your home instantly, a good idea is to paint the front door, trim, railings, columns, and shutters. When painting trim, you will want to use a high gloss paint - preferably a bright white to show off how clean it loosk.  As for accent colors, some of the top trending colors are bluish-green. You can add teal and aquamarine elements through pops of color on the windowsill or paint the entire front door a lovely blue-green.  

Maintenance and Repairs

Today says that to make a good impression for your home, property owners may want to get rid of dead landscaping, fix the sidewalks and driveways, and check that the gutters are in good shape. Be sure to pay special attention to your fence and garage doors too.  

Make your Yard Symmetric

Better Homes and Gardens tells readers that one of the best ways to make the yard appealing is to create even decor zones. For instance, placing potted plants on each side of the front door of your home is appealing and makes a focal point. You can boost your value even higher by adding new hardware like a shiny, brass knocker or door handle.  

Energy Efficiency

Home buyers want energy-efficient houses, according to Consumer Reports. Adding efficient windows means that your home not only looks good, but helps keep you cool, and they save you money on your Boston homes for sale. Be sure to look for the energy star rating on your window to make sure you get the savings and protection you want.  

Make Your House Number Visible

The Huffington Post says that the top real estate agents will want to make sure that house numbers are very visible. People who cannot see the number when driving by will often move on to another open house. Larger and bolder is the trend.  There are light up options for house numbers as well as a trend of painting the number on the cement near the mailbox (We are not too sure about that one).

Cleaning It Up

Your home will fare much better with a good power washing. Just cleaning up the siding, brick, garage, and driveway will make the yard look and feel cleaner. Whether you have a single or multi family property, a thorough cleaning will help you sell your property for more money. You will also find any damage to the home when cleaning by inspecting as you go.

Fresh Landscaping

When you want a lower maintenance option for your yard, using hardscaping like dry creek beds or surrounding plants with gravel is an excellent way to minimize the grass you have to cut.  When the yard becomes simply too much to keep up with, you can try to use low-maintenance plants that require less care to save some money. The new greenery can add as much as five percent to your home value.  

Let There Be LIGHT!

To make sure your home is safe and inviting no matter what time of the day or the weather, you may want to upgrade your light fixtures. Its not a bad idea to install motion detectors on your porch, your garage and the sides and rear of your home. 

Bonus Idea #1:

Throw a Little Shade

If at all possible, you will want to make sure to provide a little place to relax and unwind. Using a pergola or arbor is a beautiful way to create a cool area for hot days. Another idea is to use an arch across your gate or entry to the yard. You can choose from trellises that you can adorn with climbing flowers like roses or ivy. A stunning entrance will wow anyone looking to buy the home and make guests feel welcome too.

Bonus Idea #2

Make Sure to Check the Roof

While you are maintaining the rest of your property like the garage and front porch, you will want to look over your roof. Even if you home shows well, the home inspection can kill the deal if the roof is not in good shape.  Stand back and take a good look at the roof to look for anything obvious.
If you are so inclined, you really should walk the roof (be safe) looking for anything that looks out of the ordinary.  Pay close attention to where the roof meets the chimney, windows, eaves and other breaks in the roof.  If you have recently encountered some rain, its not a bad idea to go in the attics and look to see if you see any roof leaks.
You will never know how many offers you don't see based upon the first impression on your property... but you can maximize how the home shows - to insure you have your best foot forward.  

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Dean, great post, and it does start with curb appeal, and definitely the details matter throughout!  

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Mar 21, 2018 06:04 PM
Steve B.

I have found that pressure washing my vinyl exterior siding leaves it looking so much cleaner! Thanks for the great post!

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