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During a recent lead gen session I decided to text a whole lot of people in my phone simply asking for business. One of those texts went out to a very successful buddy of mine who we will call Chappy. 


Chappy called back and at first I was disappointed with the reason, I later learned a powerful life lesson. See, he didn't have any leads for me nor did he need my services but he felt like he needed to call me anyhow. I guess that he could sense that I was "pressing" to generate business and wanted to just talk.   Yeah, just talk.... guy to guy, man to man. 


See Chappy is different from the rest. He's one of those guys who vomits energy and enthusiasm. He's just a positive outgoing soul that sucks you in and whhen he does he doesn't let go until he can help you. He runs several online business very successfully and I always admired his work ethic.   He is a very young man yet he lives a life that impresses everyone and he travels the world whenever he feels. Heck, I even sold him his almost half million dollar home a few years back which he lives in all by himself.    Not to get off track but since then, his siutation has changed and he no longer needs such a big home. When I asked him why he still lives in it since he no longer needs it he quickly replied, "Chris, I DO need it. I mean, I don't need it but I NEED it." He added, "This house is ridiculous, I don't need more ten say a small condo but since I'm here I now have to work harder then before to keep it. If I stop working so hard then the walls I look at everyday will be gone and Chris, I have over 30 employees working for me, who rely on me. I can't fail or they could lose their homes too".  I mean, the man knows that if he doesn't keep working hard then not only will he lose what he loves but his employees may lose much much more. That's a heavy load to carry and he does so with a smile!  


Later in our conversation he admitted that he sometimes, ok often, looks in the mirror and wonders why he is so "different". Why does he work so hard. Why does he wake up and work all day with little breaks for food here and there and sometimes, but not often, heads briefly to the gym just to immediately get back to work until no earlier then 1am EVERYDAY.   Why was he so "weird"?    And his answer was, "I have to remind myself that I'm not weird, I'm just dedicated."


This was the second lesson and that is the perception of the less motivated is different from the perception of the more ambitious.   What the many may call obssessive the motivated call dedicated.


I took a lot more out of this conversation but these are the two main points. Since then I have dedicated my late nights towards being more productive and keep working towards my babies, my world, my kids!!

 My kids. I love them


That is all for NOW,



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If more people had his thought process the world would be a beautiful thing!! You're also a person who is very driven and always working towards a better more dedicated you. That's one of many reasons I admire you!!

Mar 22, 2018 07:50 AM