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Georgia's Home Inspectors

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Georgia's Gov., Sonny Purdue has vetoed House Bill 1217 ( Home Inspector Licensing Bill ). This came as a bit of a surprise to me, considering that just a few years ago they approved a law requiring that all builders be licensed.  Real Estate Agents, Closing Attorneys and Mortgage Brokers all answer to the state in some form or fashion. Why should Home Inspectors get a pass?

I firmly believe that the government already controls far too many aspects of our lives and business but there are a few professions that need some oversight.  I want to know that my doctor is not a quack, I want t know that my banker is not going to send himself and my money overseas, and I think that someone who markets themselves as an "expert on home inspections" should need to live up to a set of guidelines. There are a few groups such as ASHI & GAHI that do require their members to meet certain education and quality standards but the majority of home inspectors are not members.

The purpose of this message is to warn homebuyers of the risks involved in hiring an inspector. I recommend that anyone buying a new or resale home have an inspection performed. In most cases, buyers are about to purchase a property with a sizable down payment and a 30-year commitment. Do not take that lightly! Even the best home inspectors can only check out the surface of home materials and the function of the appliances and fixtures. Don't always take your agents recommendation unless they are willing to give a few references from past clients. Make sure your home inspector is with an insured company that has been in business for a few years. Do your own homework.