What upgrades to a home do you suggest as most valuable to your clients?

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This can be a tricky question as not every homeowner has the financial ability to remodel those bathrooms and kitchen space, which many experts have said, gives you the most value back. Are they right? Often times yes. However, it really depends on the condition of the rest of the home. Does it need work done throughout?  Whats the neighborhood like? Are you over spending? 


Lets start over. I believe everything starts within the first few seconds that buyer sees your home. Is it clean?  The House, driveway, walkways, does the Front door have a fresh coat of paint on it and look welcoming?  Are the front yard fences clean, maybe painted or stained?  is the landscaping fresh? plants trimmed and the lawn mowed?  If the buyer does not feel a home has been taken care of out the gate?  Their view of value is less. That buyer may decide to not even enter, which is even worse. These upgrades are low in cost, though have huge returns. Does the exterior of the home need paint?  The costs are very low compared to the return. Fresh paint always draws in buyers.


So that buyer comes inside. The immediate big picture is the walls and the floors. What condition are the floors in? Are they worn? dirty? Any type of hardwood or modern laminate flooring is most popular, otherwise a clean new carpet on a thick pad still works great. If you do the floors? install the modern new baseboards and have them painted a bright white. Also if you have forced air floor heater vents, replace the vent regulators. Again, they are inexpensive clean and make the home look so modern. Painting is also so important, as its clean, smells great, and gives that buyer a sense of a clean new canvas to start their memories with. If the lighting fixtures are old and out dated replace them with the modern inexpensive LED lights. Buyers notice this new look and the costs are reasonable. Clean bathroom and kitchen grout, calk around the tub and shower areas. Simple steps that go a long way. 


What we have discussed above covers the major points at reasonable costs for the return. The kitchen and baths being updated is always well received, However, the permit process, the remodel itself will take time and money. If you have the money and the time and the home has great bones? There you go! If think you would like to sell, though believe you need help on your home with possible issues like this? Call Me. I would be happy to give you my professional point of view and if needed? Surely could assist you.   

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