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We all well know that the price of gasoline is high. It prohibits us from travelling to see our family and friends. I'm sure many people are staying home more. We can't do anything about the price of gas, but we can conserve in other energy areas. Air conditioning, light bulbs, tv's and heating all use power sources that can cost money. Do you want to visit your friends for a game of Parchesi but need your gas to get to work tomorrow?

Put up some curtains.

There are many ways to conserve .

Some are as inexpensive as curtains for windows and a moment to to open or close the window and /or curtain at the appropriate time during each day and night. During the day close the curtains, especially on windows that have direct sunlight. If you leave home for the daytime to go to work, close the curtains on all the windows.

If you are home during the day you will be able to adjust the temperature more closely by closing curtains as the sunshine moves aver your home entering different windows. When it is unbearable hot also close the windows that allow heat to get in.

Try This Test;

Close a curtain over an open window with direct sunlight. Put your hand behind the curtain. Is it warmer behind the curtain? If so keep that curtain closed. Now try closing the window. Then put your hand behind the curtain to test the temperature. Is it cooler yet with the window closed? The changes in temperature may be subtle, but with many windows and curtains those small temperature changes will begin to make a difference. As the sun gets lower toward evening try your tests on various windows to see which ones cool off first. Then reverse the process until all your windows and curtains are open and the cooler evening temps can penetrate your home. On the second day of this process the changes in temps will be more prominent because you will be conserving some of the cool temperatures that you created during the evening.

If you cannot be home all day, simply protect your home from the heat during the day and open everything up when you get home and daylight is waning.

I use a variety of curtains. The more opaque the curtain is the more protection you will have from outdoor heat. However sometimes there is a breeze in that warm air and I may want that, I also utilize layered sheers. When you need them to be as opaque as possible let down all the layers. As you begin to learn about the subtleties of the sun's effect on your home you can let down or hold open more or less layers.

This may help you save some money to get you to your favorite passtimes.


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Patrick Lambert
ALLY Real Estate - Waikoloa, HI
Hawaii Real Estate Expert

Yep, Mary Ann, my wife would much rather go buy new curtains and have me walk to work!!! We just had this discussion, too. We are just finishing up our new home and she is shopping for curtains. The dollars are adding up!!

May 21, 2008 06:32 AM
Kristin Mason
New Market Title Agency - Independence, OH

Very true, I changed my lightbulbs a couple years back and actually saved money on my electric bill.  Then I purchased a front loadeer washer and dryer.  How could I save much with that purchase, Well.... my electric bill dropped 30 dollars the first month and 40 the second.  Every little bit makes a difference! 

May 21, 2008 06:50 AM
Mary Ann Ead
South East Arizona Real Estate - Douglas, AZ


sounds like a win win if you get exercize and your wife gets to shop and save money in the process!



Every little bit does make a difference. I've been tweaking my curtain technique for years. I really don't like airconditioning.

I've been meeting many folks who lately have to conserve whereever they can. It's not so hard, we have simply gotten used to a lot of conveniences.

May 21, 2008 09:11 AM