Tips To Take Your Upcoming Open House To The Next Level

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A house cannot tell a story from the outside. For home buyers to envision their families making a house into a home, they must have the chance to see how the home seller’s family grew in it. Selling a home can ultimately depend on an Open House attendance which is why real estate professionals continuously strategize to get home buyers through the door.


How do you get potential home buyers to attend? Elevate your next Open House from an individual showing to an elegant experience that includes incentives like a dinner party, door prizes, and entertainment. By staging a party in the home, it enables home buyers to see themselves doing such activities in their future. For real estate marketers, it also provides word-of-mouth references so that other buyers know the distance you will travel to serve a client’s interests to sell a home.


Tips To Take Your Upcoming Open House To The Next Level


1. Invite a mix of guests including past and present home buyers and home sellers. Even when someone is not in the real estate market, it allows people to share knowledge and experience in an enjoyable environment. It also allows the home buyers to meet others in the neighborhood who just might be the special touch that convinces the seller of a home’s worth. It is advisable to allow the real estate agent to host the event as you will need someone there to answer questions that arise regarding the sale.


2. Take the time to seek professional real estate advice. While elevated Open Houses can be a bit of a risk, putting together a list of needed expenses will help to keep the costs low and expectations realistic, the benefit of having a good real estate agent with experience to assist with the preparation and execution of the event. For you to Optimize Your Open House there are a few good items that involve planning. These include décor staging, hors-d'oeuvres or a chef-catered dinner party, music or live entertainment, or one excellent door prize or a few smaller ones. An Open House requires attention to detail, so it is critical that you understand the ins-and-outs of an elevated Open House before proceeding.


3. Develop a plan to showcase the house’s best features. If the home has a master suite, a gourmet kitchen with tech-friendly appliances, or two full bathrooms, you want to make sure that you have the time to sell the home during the festivities. You might decide to use the chef as a prop to let home buyers see the kitchen’s appliances in use. If the seller has a gorgeous backyard, a tea party or a barbeque would be just the thing to sell a home’s potential.


Quick Open house Tips


1.     Make sure every room is clean, decluttered, and staged.

2.     Open the windows and let the fresh air add to the ambiance.

3.     Relocate the furniture to showcase the room’s best features.

4.     Add personal style to the kitchen and bedrooms.

5.     Prepare a presentation to make potential buyers feel comfortable so that they will envision their new home.

6.     Do not forget about adding Scents that Attract Home Buyers During an Open House



DIY Open House

If you plan on overseeing the Open House yourself, you will want to think about inviting acquaintances, friends, or co-workers who are in the real estate market. You also want to make sure that you do not over-do the event as well as have all of the information handy about the house such as asking price, square footage, and questions like color schemes.


An Open House can be problematic for anyone who lacks experience in handling them because it all comes down to the ability to market a home’s potential. Always keep in mind that you are there to sell the property. You need to find the home buyers or an elevated Open House will quickly become a social event without benefit.



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Shawn and Angela Miller
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Amabassador Real Estate - Lincoln, NE
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All great tips to a successful open!  Thanks for sharing!

Mar 30, 2018 08:50 AM