Hooked On Hummingbirds

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Some of my favorite visitors to my home are the tiny hummingbirds that appear each spring. The first sighting of one of these tiny flying wonders is cause for everyone in the household to run outside to view the incredible awe inspiring little creatures as they take their first sips from the feeder hanging on the porch. The refreshing evening air of spring and summer wouldn’t be the same without the diving and chirping and acrobatic antics of the ruby throated hummingbirds zipping around, sounding like giant bumble bees. I am fascinated also to see them alight on the privet hedge nearby and see a short glimpse of the actual contour of their bodies and shimmering color. Although any brightly colored flowers are apt to attract hummingbirds I like to choose easy to grow hardy plants that provide weeks of blooms to satiate their appetites and keep them coming back day after day. I also have feeders available and kept full to make sure they have a consistent source of nourishment. Trumpet vine and honeysuckle grows wild and I preserve it as much as possible on the property. Both are easy to grow intentionally too. Bee balm is a favorite of both my self and the hummingbirds for its unique flowers. Butterfly bush and mimosa are two other super easy to grow options to draw hummingbirds to the garden. Although flowers do a superb job of attracting hummingbirds feeders work just as well. If you want to put on a real show, line an eve of your home with a row of hummingbird feeders. After awhile you will be amazed at the buzz of activity surrounding the feeders and I bet you will be hooked on hummingbirds too.