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Life as a Realtor is like being on a Roller Coaster.  If you are prepared for the ride of your life, maybe this is a career for you.  David and I have been in this profession for 19 years and this was the scariest thing we ever did.  When you think of going from a weekly paycheck to being paid by commission, that is enough to make most people nervous.

You work so hard and get your first sell. When it closes escrow and you get that first check you go from a SMILE to pale.  WOW--- what happened--- you forgot about the Franchise fee, your Brokers cut,  the E & O insurance and last but not least the transaction coordinator fee --- what is left over is your first check.  If you are smart you will put at-least 10% in a separate account so you will be able to pay Uncle Sam (IRS) at the end of the year.

Here in California we have so many disclosure forms that go along with our contracts.  When we first started 19 years ago, our purchase contract was only 2 pages.  Now, our purchase contracts are the size of a small book and a listing package is even larger.  Just when you think you have all the contracts and forms memorized -- they change them.

If you  work hard to get on your feet and get a few escrows closed you will realize that this is one of the best careers you could ever have.  As REALTORS we help our clients DREAMS come true -- being a home owner -- and this is a wonderful feeling.  Through the years we have made so many new friends.  When a client first walks into your life they are complete strangers but by the time you help them either sell a home or buy a home you become very close.  We have friends that have left our community but they always stop by to see us when they visit the area.  During the Holidays and when a new member of the family is born, you will know because this is your extended family.

As a REALTOR, if you want to stay in this industry, you will work 24/7.  When a client needs to ask a question -- it doesn't matter how important or silly --- it is necessary for you to be there for them.  Your clients need you to help guide them through a very stressful part of there life.  You should be there for them from the beginning all the way to the escrow signing.

More tips next week. Until Later, David and Brenda Ernst

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