What Home Features Do Trinity FL Home Buyers Look For?

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Thinking of selling your home?


If you are considering putting your home on the market, you're probably thinking of ways to sell your house faster.


Since your house will be competing against many other homes for sale in Trinity FL, you need to make your home stand out and be more appealing to buyers.


How do you do that? How do you get a buyer’s attention? By knowing what buyers want.

Following the trends can help you identify what buyers look for in a home, and for the past few years, these home features have topped most buyers’ lists.


  • Open concept layout. The demand for this home feature is still on the rise, with many buyers preferring the open and spacious look that’s perfect for the modern lifestyle.

Open concept layout, especially the one where the living room is connected to the kitchen, is popular because not only does make the living space look bigger and brighter, it also allows an easier flow of communication, perfect for holidays and gatherings.


  • Hardwood floor. With its classic and timeless appeal, it’s not a surprise buyers prefer hardwood floor over tiles, carpet and wood laminate. It’s also durable, and unlike carpets that get worn out over time and get replaced, you only have to refinish the hardwood floors to make them look as good as new.


  • Modern kitchen. Yes, we all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but what exactly can you see in a modern kitchen?

Perhaps reality TV shows like Love It or List It and Property Buyers are to be partially blamed. These days, buyers demand granite or quartz countertops, beautiful cabinets, great lighting and lots of counter area. We haven’t even started talking about appliances yet!


If your kitchen counter is old and has plenty of broken tiles, you should seriously consider getting a counter replacement. Yes, it is expensive. No, you won’t be able to fully recover from the possible expenses you’ll make, but you’ll sell your home faster when buyers see your new countertop.


  • More storage. To keep your Trinity FL home clutter free, there need to be designated spaces where each family member can keep their belonging. And it’s not just limited to cabinets and drawers either. Cupboards, laundry room, and linen closets are also great storage places.


  • Outdoor living spaces. Gone are the days when backyards are just empty spaces where children can play. Now, buyers want more than just a patio or a yard.


Trinity FL Homes for Sale - Stunning outdoor retreats await you in homes for sale in Trinity FL.


They want an outdoor living space where they can relax and entertain, and where the kids can truly enjoy. Better yet, they want a sliding door that opens toward the patio so there is an indoor to an outdoor flow of living space, best for those who love to entertain.


Are you surprised to see which home features are in-demand? Which of these features are in your home? If your property in Trinity already has these features, good for you! All you need to do is to clean, declutter and repair any minor concerns your home before listing it.


Call me, Victoria Legrow, at (813) 679 7437. As one of the top real estate professionals in the Trinity area, I can help you know what appropriate home improvements you can make to help your home sell faster.


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