Day 8 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 8 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018 Monday's are not inherently bad or worse than any other day, not at all.They are another day to pursue your dreams, your job, your family, your lifestyle. That being said, it is also true that not all days are "up" days.  Some days you have to grind a bit to get done what is necessary.  The great week last week, the holiday and this aftermath Monday are more of a challenge. 

Exploring all the reasons why I choose to not do all I can do to be who I want and who I am on the inside is perhaps the wrong thinking.  Perhaps the better thought is to pick up some books, finish my meditation, listen to a fantastic webinar to rekindle the juices needed to be productive.  My reading is always in the realm of real estate best practices, human best practices, thought leaders and people who have already achieved enough success and are willing to share their knowledge and insight.

Who do you look to when looking for inspiration? What books have aided you in overcoming lethargy.  Currently I am reading an older book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle published first in 1997.  It states, there is no future, there is no past, there is only now which in turn becomes your future and your past. When you bring your past into your now you will perpetuate your future.  This concept frees me from both past and future and focuses me on the now, this moment.  This act of continuing a blog when I really want to do nothing is part of what makes the Now so important.  Making promises I don't keep has never been my modus operendi. I will grind today and perhaps this day, Day 8 of 90 Best Practices Real Estate 2018 will surprise me by the time it is history.  See you tomorrow.

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