Untold Stories of Cinderella

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My daughter was playing with a good friend of mine with some electronic doodad revolving around Cinderella. She innocently said “I have a Cinderella doll. Except, she got peed on”. Argh! Well I guess that is reality. I hope she can grow up with a sense of humor, and take it in stride when “Cinderella gets peed on”. With all the cute sitcoms and story books coupled with the fact that many children rarely accompany their parents throughout the trials of the real world and instead spend most days in daycare, school or in front of the T.V., I wonder if kids aren’t reaching adulthood with unrealistic expectations of life. The fascination with celebrities, perfect bodies and the pursuit of false, fairy tale lives lived on the backs of credit cards could be partially driven by the unrealistic notions that children are fed as youngsters. Many young women become entranced with the particulars concerning their wedding instead of opening their eyes wide to the practical matters surrounding their choice in a spouse and their part in a mature relationship. The fairy tale life is sure to get “watered down” eventually. I hope to help my child understand the irony of, and humor in, Cinderella getting peed on by a dog, in hopes that when she reaches adulthood she won’t cling to fairytale ideas and can instead live, and love, reality.
Kevin McGourty
Realty ONE Group - Phoenix, AZ

I enjoyed your blog. Your are very pragmatic -- which is good. I have five kids -- one son and four daughters -- so I too hope they are ready for life.  I also appreciate you sharing a bit about yourself and not just a list of properties on a blog.


May 21, 2008 08:24 AM