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5 Podcast Episodes Every Real Estate Agent Should Listen To

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Honestly I don't like doing self promotion so I don't often post what I'm doing on my podcast here, but I thought it might be worthwhile for you to see a few of the podcasts we did that I think directly can help real estate agents grow their business.   So I wanted to put together a podcast recap of the 5 Podcast Episodes Every Realtor Should Hear.

Links below will take you to the show notes page, but the podcast is on Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, and pretty much everywhere podcasts are.

5 Key Business Metrics Every Business Should Know 

Most agents I talk to can't tell me ANY of these.  So it's definitely worth a listen.  If you don't know your numbers how do you know if you're successful or not.   ... you don't.   Listen.   Terms like LTV don't mean Loan To Value in the Business world, they mean something else (Lifetime Value of A Cusomer).  Whether you're an realtor in Davenport FL or anywhere else on the planet, this is helpful. 

Pay Per Click 101 – How To Start Generating Leads With PPC

Most of the new agents and clients that contact me about managing their pay per click budgets don't really have the revenue to hire me just yet.   This episode (and show notes that are not completely finished) goes in depth on how to set up your account.  I only discovered a Lynda.com course today that was similar to the depth of this.   It might not be especially entertaining but it's informative. 

3 Keys To Internet Lead Conversion

This is a must listen to if you've always wanted more leads from the internet.  So many businesses think more leads = more money, but they are sadly mistaken.  More leads = more problems for most.  This podcast goes over indepth, the 3 keys to converting the leads. 

Facebook Marketing A to Z 

This one is a must listen to because it's not even me!  It's John Pohly, the Real Estate Facebook Guru if there ever was one.   We had to break it up into 2 episodes but John goes through the entire alphabet.  Even with the recent algorithm changes this is a helpful one. 

Future Proof Marketing Plan

The one I'd recommend every agent to look at is the Future Proof Marketing Plan.  This was basically a recap of the talk I gave at the Xplode Real Estate conference.    If you're already on ActiveRain and you're reading this than it'll reinforce what you're doing and if you aren't on ActiveRain... why not?

This one also has some of the best show notes of any episode I've done.  Please share it if you like it or comment on the actual page.   

In addition to these 5 podcasts that every real estate agent should listen to, I did some podcasts that were targeted at business owners and changed to suit real estate agents.   One of which is my this post about what your CRM should automate, right here on ActiveRain.

In Conclusion... 

If you want to check out the table of contents (a list of all our podcasts) just head over to 4rdMarketing.com.   Let me know what you'd like me to cover in a future podcast.   If you like the podcast at all, please head over to Itunes and subscribe, rate and review