10 tips for moving

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Here are 10 tips for a better move. 

•1)         Decide moving company or self move, make appropriate reservations and/or gather supplies needed.

•2)         Have a garage sale to reduce items moved that are not needed in new home.  Contact local charity for pick up of item not sold.

•3)         Collect medical, dental and school records.  Start folder with all financial and tax information required for loan - keep separate from all files to be packed.

•4)         Begin packing anything not used on a daily basis.  Label boxes by room.

•5)         Prepare change of address to be sent out to:  post office, creditors, banks, newspapers, magazines, associations, friends and relatives.

•6)         Arrange for insurance, utility, trash removal and cable - disconnects and hook ups.

•7)         Pack a suitcase with cloths, towels, toiletries, blow drier, electric razor, etc, for one week.

•8)         Finish all packing.  Label boxes by room.

•9)         Clean out refrigerator and drain, drain outdoor items (hoses, propane, lawn mowers) to prepare for the move.

•10)     Final walk through on old house - to make sure everything is loaded and things are shut off and on new house - to make sure house is ready for loan closing and move in.  Mail the change of address.

If you are planning a move, I hope this information is helpful.  I help people with home financing.  Please comment if you want to add anything.  Happy moving.

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