5 Tips for Selling a Townhouse Quickly--and for the MOST $

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Northern Virginia has a lot of Townhouses. They are an affordable option to the sometimes very expensive single family homes in our area, so they are very popular with buyers.
When you are ready to sell your townhouse, what are some easy things you can do to get it sold quickly--and for the most money?
  1. Update fixtures. Often, people buying a TH are stretching their budget to purchase. If the propertyPacking up looks updated and contemporary, it will immediately be more attractive. Fixtures to include in your update: lighting, plumbing, cabinet knobs, and sometimes door hardware. 
  2. Paint. Inside: figure out what the most popular wall colors are (check the Pottery Barn, West Elm, Crate & Barrel and Restoration Hardware catalogs/websites) and paint the inside of your house accordingly. Fresh paint makes everything better--and it makes your home 'move in ready' which is important to the demographic who often buy townhouses. Outside: Make sure all the trim is in good condtion and freshly painted. Paint the front door and any shutters or other accents (always check with HOA for compliance with color choices).
  3. Check the flooring! If you are lucky enough to have hardwoods, make sure they shine. You might need to do a light buff and shine or refinish them entirely, but it will be worth it! Carpet should be freshly cleaned, or replaced, depending on wear.
  4. Do your landscaping cleanup. Make sure the front yard is beautifully presented with fresh mulch and seasonal plantings. If there is room, have a pretty pot with flowers on the front porch/stoop. Flowers make every home more attractive, so plant them where you can.
  5. Clean it out! This is the time to pack up your off-season clothes and store them. Put away anything you don't need everyday. Get rid of stuff you don't want or need.  A storage room with neatly stacked boxes is okay, but if you don't have the room, rent a storage unit or ask a family member or friend if you can used their basement or garage for a couple of weeks. Buyers want to see that your house has plenty of room--which won't show if the house crammed full of stuff. 
Townhouses generally sell fairly well in the Northern Virginia area, but the ones that sell very quickly and for the most money are the ones that the sellers spent a bit of time and some money to prepare for sale. These five items might seem obvious, but I have seen MANY, MANY (MANY) towhnouses where these updates were overlooked.
No one wants to spend money when they are moving out of a house, but your selling plan should include spending money to do the important things to get your house sold!
Working with sellers to put together this plan and get their home sold quickly is one of my specialties. Contact me to set up a time to walk through your property and get the process started!


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