Roof Leaks And How To Take Care Of Them

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You’ve lived in your house for a few years and you notice a shingle is coming off of your roof. Not really sure what to do you get a ladder and get up on your roof to take a closer look. It looks like it is just one shingle but you decide to call your homeowners insurance to check it out. The homeowner’s insurance adjuster comes to your home and takes a look, his response, “Yep you’ve got a loose shingle, but you don’t need a whole roof repair and the shingle is caused from normal wear and tear. Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the repair.” Now what?


When you bought your home a few years back the inspection of the home said you might need a roof replacement in a few years. You thought you could deal with that later and were just excited to get they keys to your new house! Now the honeymoon period of your new home is over and it’s time to get to business. How do I replace a single shingle? Can I only replace a single shingle? Do I need to do more shingles?


You got lucky and you caught the roof leak early on and it hasn’t created any damage in your attic. Now you have to figure out how to replace the shingle and hope that you do not cause more damage while trying to repair the issue.


What would your homeowners insurance cover if it doesn’t cover the roof? Well they cover the roof, but just not normal wear and tear of the roof. If a hailstorm came through the area and damaged the roof your homeowners insurance would cover the replace or repair of the roof then.


What if there is more damage other than the broken shingle, would you know what to look for? There could be a crack in the metal barrier under the shingles called the flashing. You wouldn’t see that from outside your home. You would just start to experience leaks and damage.


You could have had a cracked chimney or roof vent and that involves replacing the missing mortar that is causing the leak. Repairing a cracked chimney is really NOT a DIY project. Hire a professional.


You aren’t sure exactly how to repair the damage, so you figure a good place to start is asking your realtor who sold you the home if they know any good roofers. Your realtor asked a couple good questions to find out what happened and reminds you that you purchased a home warranty with the home. You think yeah that was for the appliances and home systems, I need a roofer. Your realtor explains that you have coverage on your roof with the plan you selected! Delighted you place a call into your home warranty company and they send someone to assess the damage and also repair it. You pay the service call fee and your roof is repaired!


The roof is fixed. It is not fixed because you knew how to repair it yourself, or even that you had to scout out and get bids from several different contractors. It is fixed because your realtor told you about home warranties when you first bought your home. You are thankful for that!

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