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Golden, Colorado is one of the most desirable areas in the Denver area, acoording To Dan Skelly a Realtor in Golden. The reason is that not only is Golden, Colorado the county seat for Jefferson County, CO, it also is located with access to Downtown Denver, the mountains and the ski resorts. Although Golden, CO has felt the same inventory shortage as the rest of Colordo you can still find great deals and beautiful homes. Golden has an area for everyone, if you like the more populated city feels you would most likely enjoy the east part of Golden, closer to Denver. If you would rather have the more western feel you might like to live closer to downtown Golden. Lastly if you would like like more land and more of a mountain feel look into Genesee and the western part of Golden.

Golden is a fantastic city. The downtown Golden area has tons of shops, restaruants and a beautiful park right on the river. You can fish or ride a tube down it in the summer. With Golden being in Jefferson County School District you have some of the best schools in Colorado to choose from. 

The weather in Golden Colorado can still get a little chilly in the winter but it is extremly mild for the altitude. It is an area with blue skies and sunshine most of the year. Hardly any overcast and when is rains or snows it usually doesn't last too long and then the sun comes out.

Right now there are about 105 active listings in Golden. With an active sale price of about $600,000. With that many listings through all price points the inventory in Golden is slightly lower than the past but there are plenty of homes for sale to choose from.

Golden has a lot of properties to the west that are horse properties. That is the more rural area of the city. It is very interesting to see Golden, Co. If you are new to the mountains or are just curious about the different types of homes and property available in Golden please give Dan Skelly a call at 303-503-8793 to see the area. Dan would love to talk to you about the different homes available and talk to you about being your listing agent in Golden, CO.


Dan Skelly has added another real estate website to his online portfolio to help promote cliet listings and make it easy for buyers to find the home they are dreaming about.

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Danny Skelly
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Danny Skelly
Orson Hill Realty - Evergreen, CO
Luxury Real Estate Agent Colorado and Florida

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