Secret Weapon To Winning The Buyer & Seller Commitment!

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Blow Away the Competition for a Listing or Buyer's Commitment

The spring market doesn’t begin in the spring. It begins now! What you do now to get a listing or buyer’s commitment is what you get in the spring.

Think about the amount of time you invest into finding a listing or a bona fide buyer? Someone who wants to sell their home or wants to buy a home. Then think of all the time and money you spend before, during and after the marketing of that property or servicing the buyer. Then think of all the money you will earn if you successfully get the listing and the property sells or place that buyer into their new home. What is it worth to you?

One of the most powerful ways to blow away the competition for a listing or buyer’s commitment before you even meet with them in person is the use of a pre listing or buyer package or what some of you may call “The informed seller or buyer package.”

Imagine sending a package, basket or beautiful marketing book to a buyer or seller via a courier delivery person to their home prior to your actual appointment. What kind of impression does that make on the client? How much would that increase your commitment? How much time would it save if they informed themselves prior to the actual physical appointment? Let’s look at what you need to build the ideal pre buyer or seller appointment package……


  1. Your Biography – Share with them your past, a little about your family, your successes, awards and achievements in and outside of real estate. Include your business, years of experience and your expertise and passion.


  1. Your Team – Include a photo, name and biography on each team member, their responsibilities and their role within the team. For those of you saying “I don’t have a team”, include your mortgage broker, home stager, accountant, broker owner, home inspector, photographer, technology supporter, graphic designer and any more you can think of. They hire them all when they hire you.


  1. Corporate Charter, Mission Statement, Core Values – This includes your purpose, who you are, your values, what it is you do, your practices, your principles and your promise to them. This is important for your customer to understand your values and who you are and what you believe and illustrates your integrity in life and business.


  1. Feature-Benefit Marketing Service Guarantee – This is not a guarantee their home will sell or they will find the perfect home to buy. It is a guarantee you will perform the services you said you would perform. Example -I/we are putting your home on MLS and the benefit is global exposure of their home to prospective agents and their buyer pools.


  1. Step by Step Buying or Selling Process – Describe each step in their buying or selling journey before it happens.


  1. How You Find Buyers – Illustrate five things you do to find buyers for their home.


  1. How you Find That Right Home to Buy – Illustrate five things you do to save them time, money and stress in buying.


  1. Testimonials – Provide them with third party testimonials from previous buyers and sellers and what they experienced buying and selling with you in the past. Call some of your past clients and ask them these questions. 1) What they liked most? 2) What you do the best? 3) One word to describe the experience? Put their responses into a quote and ask permission to display.


  1. List of What the seller Will Need to Have Available at the Appointment – Survey, Tax notice, Utility bills, 2 house keys.


  1. List of What the Buyer Will Need to Have Available at the Appointment – Wish list, Pre approval, Deposit, Measuring tape.


  1. Ten Best Features of My Home – Make up a form that allows the seller and buyer to list the best features of their home they are selling or wanting to buy.


  1. Include DVD’s – Recommend the following by my mentor David Knox. Pricing Your Home to Sell by David Knox (I am NOT compensated for any sales through this link)


  1. Make it pop! Package it up with Microwave Popcorn and Two Bottles of Water. Go to and put it into a coffee table hard cover book as well.


Take the time to invest in a pre-listing or buyer package and start crushing the competition and getting more listings and getting more signed buyer commitments in 2018. The spring market is now! Go get it!!


Strength and courage,

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