A Closing with a Wonderful Hendersonville Couple

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A Closing with a Wonderful Hendersonville Couple

Today I closed a home with a sweet couple I have worked with over the last 6 months. They have been a real joy and I think will be a great addition to our little town here in hendersonville, NC. 

Louis and Linda Anderson New Residents of Hendersonville

Coming From California it will be a big adjustment. From 24 hour everything to our humble town rolling up the carpet early for the night, from warm most of the year to real four seasons, and so much to expore in town and surrounding areas. 

I hope that Hendersonville will give Louis and Linda Anderson a great big welcome! With Louis' white Santa Claus beard and Linda's red hot electric scooter tooling around downtown you can't miss them. They will be out and about a lot explroring their new surroundings, so say hi if you run into them.

You will likely see Louis hanging out at Apple Country Woodworkers, he is an avid wood lover and is excited to get in with that group. Linda will be volunteering at Pardee and so you can look forward to her help over there!

I am looking forward to their friendshop over the coming years!

A Closing with a Wonderful Hendersonville Couple

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