Day 19 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 19 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018 real estate best practices for me today started last night at a meeting I went to.  I learned something about EFT and Tapping.   This is a technique created by Gary Craig EFT is an acronym for Emotional Freedom Technique.  It allows the practitioner to jump through issues that stop them with the physical tapping on your accupuncture points and releasing the negative forces.  You don't need to ask more than a couple of agents if they have stress in their lives around job, family, life to know we can all use some techniques to quiet the silly voices in our heads that are not assisting us with growth, joy and productivity.

Westwood luxury homes for sale I do meditate in the morning and this centers me in our universe, it does not help me with the babbling voices in my head that stop me from taking the daily actions that deliver the success desired.  Case in point for me is making the prospecting calls on a daily basis to build my pipeline, any of you have this problem?  I found, through observation of my self, that just as I was about to turn on my dialer and get cranking a voice, my own, would say, "I hate getting these solicitation calls! Why are you calling me!"  At that moment of realization I understood I was my own worst enemy.

I will use this EFT Tapping technique to turn this around.  I will begin to realize that calling people and assisting them with understanding about how best to sell their home, buy a home is my professional skill and I offer it as a gift to my prospects. The desire is to help the people and the communities I serve. Play along with me and see if any of these ideas work for you.  If you have questions call I would be happy to share what I am learning and growing with, just don't do it in the morning, I am prospecting.  Make it a great day. Day 19 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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