Three Tips to Get More Engagement out of Your Real Estate SEO 

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The language which you use to advertise your real estate listings is as important as the listing itself, but something many REALTORS® forget is the importance of real estate SEO. You need both in order to rank well on various search engines. In this article, we will cover three tips that you can use to improve the readability anSEO ranking of your real estate listings. Having your listings rank well will help you with your lead nurturing and lead generation.  


Improve Your Language with Real Estate SEO 


SEO is important, it’s that simple. When it comes to the competitive real estate industry, real estate SEO is even more important as it directly affects your ranking on Google. How high you rank on various search engines (mainly Google because it is the most popular choice) will correlate to the number of leads you generate. Make sure that your language is SEO-friendly, and that you take advantage of the keywords that you need to rank for to help you sell your listings.  


You will need to vary your keywords, depending on the type of property you are selling because each type of property generally appeals to different target demographics. The people who buy warehouses are likely not going to be the same people who are looking for bungalows or French colonial homes with pools and gardens. 


Keep Your Listings Updated  


Search engines update your rank by scouring your website with various bots. These bots look for changes in language, pictures, the posting date of your listings, and more. When you update your website or web pages (including your listings), your rank will improve once these bots take notice.  


The more real estate SEO-friendly updates you commit to your site, and the more regular the interval between these updates, the higher you will rank.  


The amount of engagement your links get on a search engine will also affect your rank. While the actual ranking formula is secret, these factors are known, and should be encouraged. Keep your listings updated on regular intervals using SEO-friendly language to better help SEO bots crawl through your website and rank it better online.  


Perfect Your Call to Action Using Real Estate SEO 


You should be familiar with what a Call to Action, or CTA, is. In short, it is a promotional message, usually in the form of text, an image, or a video, that will request the individual who views your page perform an action at that moment. This action could be filling out a quote request form, a contact form, providing their email or phone number, etc. The value placed on a CTA is dependent on how it is executed. 


You want to use CTAs to motivate prospective homeowners to go further with the sales process. Practically every real estate agent and agency with a well-formed digital marketing plan will use CTAs to derive more engagement from their real estate listings. You can too.  


The Final Step 


Using these three tips, you can improve your real estate online presence. As a result, you will experience an increase in lead generation due to the higher SEO rankings you receive from your SEO-compatible listings and real estate website. 


Remember, SEO is a long-term plan. Nothing happens overnight and a solid content plan can take months, even years to achieve results. The best thing you can do is develop a plan, implement it, and tweak it as needed. 

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