Advantages to Building a Deck Addition

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Summer is short in Alberta and homeowners want to maximize their time spent outdoors during these warmer months. Enhance your outdoor living space with a deck addition and give your family a place to cook, dine, entertain and relax.

Here are some advantages to building a deck addition:

Add functional and pleasurable living space to your home.

Deck builders in Edmonton will work with you to develop a design for your deck addition that best suits your home’s style, yard and checks all the must-haves off your list. From simple raised platforms for barbequing and dining to elaborate deck designs that create a supreme outdoor oasis for relaxing or entertaining, there are so many possibilities for your new deck addition. Need some ideas to get started? View these stunning decks to inspire your backyard transformation.

Decks have a good return on investment.

A deck addition has a good return on investment compared to other home improvement projects. Remodelling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report for 2017 shows that you will recoup over 71 per cent of the cost of building your deck at resale. If you decide to do the job yourself, you can expect that number to go way up as you will save thousands of dollars on labour costs. A functional outdoor living space is also attractive to potential buyers which could help increase your asking price and help move your home off the market faster.

Improve your home’s exterior aesthetics.

A deck addition makes a home look more functional, well-cared for and shows pride in ownership. There are lots of options when it comes to how your deck will look and the materials you can use to build it. Calgary deck builders can help you create a practical and attractive design and suggest decking materials that will best match how much maintenance you can commit to, your home’s overall style and how you plan on using your deck. Your deck can be completely custom in it’s shape, size and design and include aesthetically pleasing features like ornamental railings, pergola’s and even feature walls.

Whether you decide to embark on a DIY deck building project or to hire a pro, you can create a beautiful deck addition that will provide years of enjoyment and increase resale value at the same time.


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