Day 22 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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Day 22 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018 and let's not discuss "best" practices.  Best is such a loaded term that demands definition.  Being number one, the best, is a designation thrown around a lot without much qualitative support.  It is a marketing term and I want this blog to be about how to be the best you can be, I can be. We all face the same professional trials each and every day. The good ones get their work done because they have defined that work and the habit is to get it done.  I don't want to talk about the best, I want to discuss the other end, the minimum standards.

When not having a great day, your best day what is the response?  Do you throw your arms up and say, I quit, I am having an off day?  Do you shut down and major in minor activities?  Really what do you do.  While driving to my next open house yesterday I was thinking the bottom line should be minimum standards.  What are my minimum standards for the day, what is the least that can be expected on the daily work days?  If I can set my bottom run, I think I have a more solid footing to jump for the top rung.  Sometimes I can jump to the next rung that gets me closer to the top, the best.

So this week I dedicate my time to focusing on minimum standards and building the base.  Mediocrity, which is what minimum standards indicates to me, is not the goal.  The goal is always the best.  Minimum standards is just the stop gap from accepting less than minimum on the days you know you are not at your maximum and probably won't be anywhere near your best. Day 22 of 90 My Best Practices Real Estate 2018

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