Low Inventory Is YOUR Problem! How To Thrive In Low Inventory Markets!

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Winning in a low inventory market isn't necessarily easy, but it's not rocket science.


Just as I say on the podcast an in the show notes on RERAW ... you can choose to sit around and wait for others to create inventory OR you can find it yourself.


You don't have to be an actual developer to be a "manufacturer" of inventory in this industry. If homes aren't on the "active" market to sell, it's your job to find 'em. Period.


Most agents are willing to invest in listings but only in a very direct sort of way. How often have you leveraged an actual buyer to solicit for a listing? Yeah, like ... a real one! None of this garbage where you send an "I have a buyer" letter but you don't have a buyer ... but you could if they let you list their home kinda ish. I'm talking a real buyer!


Agents need to stop limiting buyers to what's available on the MLS and start hunting for homes that no one else is looking for. Sure, you can go post your "buyer need" in a pocket listing group on Facebook (like everyone else) or you can actually take a proactive approach and get in the field and hustle.


So, two things to note:

1. Interesting if you take this approach how you technically would be searching for a listing as well but you'd be leveraging an investment in your buyer to get it. Also, nice to have the take-away at your fingertips ... incase someone already has an agent ... you just say "no problem, my buyer is real ... so please have your agent give me a call."


2. If your excuse for not doing this is that the buyer criteria is too broad ... welp, then you havn't asked the right questions to narrow it down to a target that makes sense.


Long and short, don't be lazy. #RealAgentsWork ... I dig on this in my most recent podcast episode on RERAW (it's LESS THAN 20 MINUTES) ... and you can get those wheels turning and make it happen.


The market hasn't once waiting for the agent ... don't be the agent caught waiting for the market.




Go get it done!

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