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For many people there comes a time in life when you have to evaluate your achievements and get ready for the next level. As an industry, real estate is fiercely competitive, and making a career out of it can be rather demanding and time-consuming. Achieving success, in the long run, depends on many things, but a solid real estate business plan is the most important one. In order to create a successful real estate career, you need to understand its pillars. Luther Ragsdale is a highly-respected real estate career coach who has been helping people reach their goals for almost three decades. According to him, these pillars of learning and development are essential for sustainable success.


When it comes to real estate coaching, Ragsdale has developed a strategy that is unique and uses people’s natural strengths and talents to ensure amazing results. Of course, a coach can't change your business overnight, but if you're willing to follow such program, the rewards you reap will be worth the waiting. Learning, growth, and development is the only path to success.


Some of the most successful people in the world such as athletes, business executives, and entrepreneurs have been guided by an effective coach. Apart from being a real estate coach, Luther also serves as a mentor, educator, adviser, and motivator to his trainees. From helping aspiring realtors to come up with a business plan to prepare them to kick production into a higher gear, a dedicated real estate coach can bring a lot to your business.


With an extensive professional coach training and a proven track record of success, Ragsdale teaches you how to execute your business plan and achieve the results that you deserve. For that, you’ll need a strategy that is unique to you, based on your natural strengths and talents. Once you acquire knowledge by studying, you’ll need training. This will help you develop exceptional skills, connect with people, and build trust. The final step is drafting an action plan that will keep you in action and allow you to discover the things that get in your way to success.


Combining forces with a real estate coach, with a sucessfull career as a real estate agent, can help you set yourself above the competition. Enlisting the services of a reputable coach like Ragsdale can easily jumpstart your career in the industry. His training program and other methods have been proven to deliver measurable results. Coaches and coaching programs are meant to tackle your specific needs and help you break down the barriers that impede your success.


For him, coaching is a process. Through professional assessments and coaching sessions, he takes his time to get to know the trainees, their businesses, their strengths, skills, and values. Over the years he has learned to harness his trainees’ strengths, talents, and passions to help them build a profitable and sustainable business, while they’re living the life they have envisioned.


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Luther, real estate is fiercely competitive, but getting out a step ahead is what most of try to do daily!  

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