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Real estate, like any other industry, lives and dies based on word of mouth. You can be the greatest real estate agent in the world; you can work for the best real estate agency in the world; but if no one has heard of you, it will be more difficult for you to find clients. In addition, your properties could be the greatest in the world. If no one else thinks so, these properties will not sell well.

This is why it is common to see advertisements for real estate agents and agencies on park benches, in bus terminals, and even in the sidebars of informational websites.

With social media integration, you can make your real estate website easier to visit, as well as to build up a loyal clientele and online following more easily.

Without social media integration, here is what you will need to do to share a blog post on real estate websites.

• Write up a post on a word processor.
• Login to the various social media sites and platforms you use.
• Post your blog post to your website, as well as each website you frequent, individually.
• Go through each online post and manually add hyperlinks to your various social media accounts.

This progression, especially the latter two steps, can take forever to get done. It is also very easy to make mistakes because you are doing a lot of work that you do not need to do. The more mistakes you make, the less professional you will seem.

The Dramatic Benefits of Social Media Integration and Real Estate Websites

With social media integration, the process becomes much, much easier. You can write your post once, and then share it to any other social media site you wish with the click of a button. There is no need to login to each site, there is no need to share the post manually on each platform, and there is no need to spend hours doing something which takes five seconds.

You will have an easier time blogging, make less mistakes, appear more professional, and generate more leads as a result.

With social media integration on your real estate website, you can also free up the time that you need to focus on other areas of your work like meeting with clients, preparing houses and other real estate for open houses or showings, and more.

As a real estate agent, you need to develop great time management skills. If you find a shortcut that will help you decrease the amount of time you need to complete a task, and that does not negatively affect the final outcome of that task, you should use it. Social media integration is that shortcut.

Using social media integration also means that your online visitors can share your listings, content, and other online resources easier. The more people see your real estate website content, the more clients you will land. InCom understands this well and can help you achieve success with real estate marketing.

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Inna Ivchenko
Barcode Properties - Encino, CA
Realtor® • GRI • HAFA • PSC Calabasas CA

The average U.S. adult spends 11 hours each day in front of a screen. This number is increasing year-over-year, and with every rising generation.So, we should pay attention where our clients spend the most of their online time. 

Sep 03, 2018 10:47 PM