Mooresville Agrees To One More Year of 83X

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Contrary to the recommendation of the budget committee, Mooresville Town Commissioners have agreed to fund the CATS 83X line for at least one more year.

The 83X line runs several times a day between South Iredell/Mooresville and the CATS terminal in Charlotte. However, it relies on subsidies from the Town of Mooresville to meet operating costs. Mooresville's existing contract to help subsidize the line is set to expire, and initial reviews of the Town budget led the Commission's budget committee to recommend not renewing the subsidy agreement.

Despite the budget committee's initial reports implying low ridership, word about possible cancellation of the line spurred massive rider response, prompting shows of support at town meetings and a website for supporters of the line.

While CATS officials had asked for and expected another 3 year commitment, Commissioners were only willing to pledge one year at this time. The $85,265 subsidy will come from the Town's general fund and the transportation task force project.

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