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Mirror, mirror on the wall make my space wide and tall!  Mirrors can make a small space look more open and visually larger, using reflections to make a room feel larger than it actually is.

The following are some ideas how to best use mirrors in and out of your home:

A hallway expands when the hallway becomes a mirror gallery wall. Also adding mirrors in the entire entryway to your home can really make a statement.

A mirror on your back patio can make the outdoor space feel like an actual room and at night can reflect the light from candles or fire features.

 A small kitchen can look larger by replacing inserts in cabinet doors with mirrors; antiqued mirrored glass is also a great option.

Mirrors as wall tiles with a small grouping of a sofa with a couple of chairs make a great space for intimate entertaining.

Tight spaces expand and rooms seem roomier when you prop up a large mirror leaning against the wall (also can hide something from view).

Randomly group mirrors of various shapes and sizes, featuring different frames and you might want to add a little art in the arrangement.

Bottom Line – Use your imagination big or small mirrors can add so much to your home.

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