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Awkward. You’ve got a property with tenants renting, but you’ve decided to sell. Maybe being a landlord isn’t all it was cracked up to be, or maybe it’s just a wise decision to sell. So how do you sell a property that’s occupied by a tenant? Best case scenario, you’re able to sell without conflict or chaos. Worst case scenario, it could be like pulling teeth to get the tenant to vacate. Here are some things to think about when selling a tenant occupied property.

In a Perfect World | Sell to the Tenant

In a perfect world, the tenant would eagerly jump on the opportunity to purchase the house in which they’ve been living. No one is worse for the wear and it evolves into a win/win situation. However, tenants aren’t always prepared to buy, may not have the credit or funds to support a real estate purchase, or may be as eager as you are to move on to other endeavors.


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