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Have you ever heard about a She Shed? It’s the feminine response to the man cave; a place for retreat where women can have some alone time to do their own thing uninterrupted.


But, with Man Caves, men usually just get one room of the property and adapts it to accommodate whatever his hobbies are. Instead of the garage hosting a car, it gets turned into a workshop. Or the basement becomes a billiard place with a big screen TV and some brewskies to watch a football game on Sundays with no distraction from anyone. The only thing that really changes is the use of that room and the objects inside it. Once you remove them, it’s still a room.


She sheds are different.


She sheds are an exterior addition to a real estate: a garden shed specifically built not to store garden tools (at least not exclusively) but to serve as an additional space; in this case, a “special place” for women.


Most additional housing space adds value to a property and She Sheds are a fabulous way of getting your house value up while adding value to your own life! Here’s why:


One great benefit of she sheds is that you’re not required to have a lot of space to do it. You can choose a bigger size, but 120 square feet is enough to host a she shed. In fact, She Sheds are so simple, easy and quick to build because of its size, that there are a lot of DIY She Shed Kits out there. But before you go out buying your She Sheds Kits and go crazy with your DIY shed plans; you better check your local building codes and Homeowner’s Association guidelines!  You don’t want to build everything just to tear it down, right?


Plus, think about the time it might take to build it. She sheds are typically built within a week or two, but if you are not that experienced building stuff; by all means, do it - it’s so fun and rewarding building something for yourself and it’s never too late to learn new things- just know it might take a little longer than you’ve expected. Remember that when natural frustration kicks in and don’t give up. The most vital part of DIY shed plans is its builder’s commitment! It’ll be worth it when the she shed is totally assembled!


Price wise, because of their size, you can find sheds for sale at a very affordable cost. You can come across She Shed Kits for as low as $500! And those will be the simplest ones, with just one window, no insulation and no paint finish inside. If you get one of the more labored sheds for sale (with french doors, glass windows on the ceiling, electrical wiring and even plumbing!) you could spend up to $2,000 or more. And if you have no DIY shed plans, it can become a little more expensive hiring contractors and electricians, reaching $6,000 to $8,000. It’s still really worth it for the additional value it can bring whenever you put the house for sale, though. Plus, when you think about how useful it can be to your everyday life, it becomes a no-brainer.


Speaking of that: let’s talk about the uses for she sheds.


You can build a she shed as a yoga retreat. Add an artificial fountain of water inside, some incense or scented candles and a nice matt for your exercise and rest. You can have it as a reading space. Organize your favorite books in your little personal library, add comfortable seating and practical light to endure long reads. You can have a personal workshop. Add tools, a drawing table and a lot of light. You can turn your She Shed even into a small greenhouse! Why not? The great thing about she sheds is that you can customize it however you want and can afford. Make a bathroom, put a porch outside with a table and chairs and it even becomes a nice tiny guesthouse for a guest! It's all about your imagination and good taste.


Real estate is all about better-exploiting space. If you’re smart about it, you can turn this into something much bigger than just an additional place in your house where you can have some personal space:


Say you have a small unused spot in your garden where the sun shines. It shines better than on your roof, because a mountain or a building nearby casts a shadow on most of it. If you make a She Shed and put solar panels on it, with solar batteries and all; you could not only save money by producing your own power but might even make some cash re-selling your excess of energy back to electric power companies. Just watch out for the Solar Panel Trap so it doesn’t bite you in the back if you move out of the house (and the shed). Hey; even if it’s not a monetary thing: you can improve your life by planting a green roof on top of the she shed improving the air quality (and reducing the heat) of your house. Plus, for the messy people out there, it’s a great quick way to temporarily store stuff you can’t have lying around the main house – but don’t make that a norm; the whole idea of a she shed is changing the way a garden shed is typically used! It’s supposed to be more of a living space than a storage place.


So whether you are a Real Estate Agent looking for tips on how to better market that house with room on its lawn or a Homeowner wanting to do something new to the house that could bring the house value and your quality of life up… think about She Sheds and how awesome they can be!

If you enjoyed this subject and wish to see more examples of it, I have picked some she sheds pictures and pined them on a Pinterest board for everyone to enjoy! Have fun!


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Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

I hope some of your readers will soon be building She Sheds.

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May 09, 2018 11:53 AM
Theresa Hus

After researching She Sheds *I* want to build my own! 

Thanks for the comment, Roy! I'll check what I need to do to make this happen! But, for anyone out there, find me at

May 11, 2018 07:10 AM