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The fast pace of today's world really just pushes us to seek automation wherever possible. Robotic auto-responders. The fear of not being there the very instant a potential customer reaches out. Never say "no." We become conditioned to be afraid to lose the business and our desire to buy into technology that makes us so readily available ... well, it sets the consumers expectation that we alway will be ...


Automation is certianly important. I mean, think about it ... consumers expect crazy fast response times. The odds of successful communication with a prospect increases by 95%+ if you respond to their initial contact within the first five minutes.

BUT ...

Did you know that once a consumer realizes they are communicating with a robot (aka: auto-responder) the response rate back to you is reduced to a measly 14%?


YEAH! Staggering isn't it?!


In today's world, automation is important but let's not forget the value of human touch and interaction. Be strategic on what you choose to automate and use it to make you more efficient ... not to replace you.


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