The average cost for refrigerator repair

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Statistics show that 2/3 of new homeowners require major system repairs within the first year of their residence. If your fridge unexpectedly starts to hiss, sweat or leak then chances are that it requires an overhaul.

It’s normal to speculate how much it would cost you to fix a damaged fridge. Generally, the average refrigerator repair cost will depend on factors such as the type/brand that you own, as well as the extent of damage. The more expensive your system the more costly it will be to do the repairs and vice versa.

According to the latest reports, fixing a damaged refrigerator will cost you anywhere between $150-400, although some built-in or custom models may cost more than $1,000. Basically, there are 3 components that are factored in when determining the average repair costs:

I) Service call fee, which is charged when the technician arrives at your home to examine the problem.

II) Cost of buying new parts

III) Cost of labor

One of the most frequent problems with refrigerators is the cooling system. If the compressor is faulty, it will result in your system not cooling properly and other unforeseen issues such as a faulty defroster motor, blocked refrigerator air vent and damaged evaporator fan. Repairs would cost you more or less depending on the specific part that’s been damaged, for instance, the average cost of repairing an icemaker is between $250-330.

Experts say that if your fridge is less than 10yrs old it can be repaired for less than the amount it would require to replace it, and if the repair is under $400 it’s also more cost-effective to fix the issue.

Ultimately, homeowners can benefit from a warranty in covering the average refrigerator repair cost. It helps alleviate the financial constraints of unexpected fridge repairs, no matter the cost of the service.

Without a proper home warranty, these system repairs can be very costly and inconvenient for some people. However, by preventing the unexpected costs of fixing your fridge, home warranties can give you total peace of mind and confidence.

With this cover, you won’t have to suffer the feeling of dread even if your refrigerator goes out in the middle of the night. Should this happen, you are just a phone-call away from a professional repair with no additional costs on your part. The warranty company will find a contractor near you who can do the repairs as soon as possible. Your refrigerator problem will be addressed both promptly and correctly.

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