iMetros offers special Santa Rosa Rebuild with Fire Resistant, Steel Framed, Zero Net Energy Millennial Homes

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iMetros offers special Santa Rosa Rebuild with Fire Resistant,  Steel Framed, Zero Net Energy Millennial Homes

iMetros disaster resistant Millennial Homes

Santa Rosa Homeowners consider iMetros offers special Santa Rosa Rebuild with Fire Resistant,  Steel Framed, Zero Net Energy Millennial Homes


iMetros introduces its Millennial Homes, which are steel framed, fire and earthquake resistant, produce their own energy and are green homes as a better option to Santa Rosa Homeowners who have lost their homes in recent CA fires. 



Millennial Homes are Steel framed, fire and earthquake resistant, equipped with solar that produce their own needed energy, and are in compliance with CA 2020 energy mandate. Millennial Homes are Green, IoT (IoT stands for Internet of Things) Smart, meaning one can control and monitor all electronics and appliances by cell phone. Millennial Homes are clean air homes using radiant heating and cooling systems instead of forced air making the living environment inside the home far more comfortable and allergy free. All floor coverings are commercial grade proxy in designer colors that could match the lacquer cabinets and Italian marble countertops and bathrooms as standard features. Millennial Homes insulation is airtight foam which also acts as a fire-resistant agent. between the exterior and interior walls. Millennial homes are also equipped with energy air circulation and dehumidifier units for a cleaner more comfortable air to breath inside of the residence.

imetros Millennial Homes zero net energy homes


The highest seismic requirement in CA is applied in structural engineering of the Millennial Homes even if local requirements are lower.

Millennial Homes are safer, lighter in weight than standard wood framed homes, and require far less maintenance than typical wood framed home. These facts coupled with modern and luxurious designs and materials of Millennial Homes, make them a safer and wiser investment.  


iMetros corporation, the visionary of Millennial Homes. iMetros plans on standardizing the building industry through its Millennial Homes vision. They are starting in CA and plan to eventually offer Millennial Homes in North America and eventually around the globe.


Here are some of the immediate benefits to you by considering Millennial Home as your next home


  • Millennial Homes are Zero Net Energy Homes: meaning they will produce enough energy for their own consumption and perhaps more, saving you money on the electric bill, have less carbon footprint for the environment,

Millennial Homes earthquake resistant homes

  • Fire and Earthquake resistant: the steel frame, heat resistance before melting or losing strength is almost 7 times higher than wood frames, which could ignite in flames quickly. In addition, the triple pane windows and the foam insulations that turns to the hard coil without burning offer further protections between the exterior and interior walls.
  • ALL Millennial Homes are equipped with sprinkler systems which will reduce the temperature inside the home and/or help put out any fire. We do not use carpet or wood floorings that could ignite easily.  
  • The structural technology and engineering are patented: we also use the highest seismic structural requirement even if local requirements are less.

imetros Millennial Homes steel framed homes

  • Steel framed homes and offer far more durability and require far less maintenance than wood frame homes
  • Weigh far less than wood-framed homes, therefore eliminating some possible foundation settlement
  • Due to the reduction of the weight, roofs will last much longer with less required maintenance

Millennial Homes are free of moisture, mold and termites

  • Not vulnerable to moisture, mold, and termites unlike wood-framed homes
  • Most technologically advanced and modern homes with luxurious interiors and amenities
  • Fast construction - It will take a fraction of the time to finish construction of a Millennial Home compared to a wood framed home

iMetros Millennial Homes Green Homes

  • Environmentally friendly, Millennial Homes have zero carbon footprint, and far less construction debris than a wood framed home
  • Millennial Homes at a fixed cost and move you in quicker than any wood framed home.

iMetros has designed a luxurious ensemble of materials, finishes, and technology and as mentioned before, the goal is to modernize the construction and building industry.

Millennial Homes are offered in two different options with an array of interior color selection

               Option 1: a 1200 SQFT residence, two stories, 2 bedrooms, and 2 ½ baths (possible useable rooftop depending on local ordinance), one car garage with a two-car parking pad

               Option 2: a 1500 SQFT residence, 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths (possible useable rooftop depending on local ordinance), one car garage with a two-car parking pad


All homes are equipped as standard features:

               Precisely calculated solar panels for energy production

Millennial Homes are IoT Smart Homes

               IoT Smart appliances (refrigerator, oven, cooktop, microwave, trash compactor)

               All lighting fixtures are IoT Smart

Air tide insulation. using special foam which will eliminate energy loss

               (IoT Smart means you can monitor and control it via the internet, on your cell phone, desktop, etc.)

Millennial Homes Clean air homes

               Radiant heating floors including in the bedrooms

               Radiant cooling panels on the ceiling in all rooms

Using Radiant Heating and colling instead of forced air, makes inside air a clean air to breath and could eliminate allergies and other health issues. 

               Triple pane windows

               Energy efficient dehumidifier and clean air circulation as required per geographical location

               Artistic and unique proxy floor finishes in all rooms (no carpets or hardwood floor), offering scratch resistant, cleaner surfaces, which require much less maintenance, cleaner living environments

Millennial Homes Proxy Flooring

(unlike carpets that stain, collect dust and dirt, and produce fibers in the air to breath). The floors could offer artistic designs and matching colors to homeowner’s specifics and design goals.

Millennial Homes luxury finishes

Millennial Homes are future ready homes, we believe they will potentially be valued much higher in a resale market than ordinary homes. The fact that they require less cost to own and maintain coupled with extra safety and comfort factors, make Millennial Homes far better investment.

 Millennial Homes in CA

We are able to offer the following prices for you after inspection of your Lot


The two-bedrooms plan for $695,000

The three Bedrooms plan for $845,000


Depending on the schedule and weather permitting, we could finish a home between 90-150 days after competition of the foundation.

A typical foundation may take from 4 to 12 weeks. 


The prices above are based on a minimum number of homes to be built at the same time and inspection of the Lots

Lot prices are not included

All normal building permit cost except taxes and school fees are included

Road work (except driveway) or utility and sewer permit or ties may not be included.


We would be happy to arrange a private and one on one evaluation of Millennial Home and your requirements. Please contact us at 415-463-1125 or via email at

 imetros Millennial Homes

iMetros is pleased to welcome Dominic Dotto a California General Contractor, to its team. We are hoping to offer the best and quickest solution to Santa Rosa Homeowners in rebuilding their Santa Rosa Homes. Millennial Homes offer perhaps, the most modern, luxurious and safest replacement solution to Santa Rosa Homeowners who have lost their homes in Santa Rosa Fires. We are hoping to help rebuild a safer and disaster resistant community. We welcome the input of Santa Rosa homeowners’ community and are hoping that our Millennial Homes solution is well received by the community.


Abraham Valentino is the founder of iMetros and the visionary of providing Millennial Homes in CA. Abraham hopes to expand the Millennial Home offering in North America and globally after perfecting its design and eliminating time-consuming construction methods and reliance on local trade. Standardizing a high quality, disaster resistance, environmentally friendly and luxurious residences are Mr. Valentino’s mission.   

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