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When our team here at saw that Mother’s Day was coming, there wasn’t much discussion about doing or not doing something to celebrate the date. Not only because it’s something anyone can relate – some people might not have a father, but everyone has a mother – but because Real Estate is actually one of the best careers for moms! Think about it: it’s one of those flexible schedule jobs that many moms dream of. You can be present in the upbringing of your child and even network with other children’s moms and dads to sell more houses!


We started thinking more about that, realizing that moms actually make great real estate agents. First we thought it was a feminine thing, that Women in Real Estate, regardless of being moms, had. You know: multitasking, empathy etc. But then, by further analyzing it, we noticed there’s a certain set of wisdom that only mothers can bring to this field of work.


With that in mind we started compiling “mom quotes” from our staff – you know; those recurring things (sometimes crazy, sometimes true) that our mothers used to tell us when we were kids – and think about how they can be of great advice to a professional real estate agent.


So *drumroll* this is our Mother’s Day Mom Quotes for Real Estate Agents:


Always wear clean underwear… you never know if you’re going to be in an accident”

That’s a crazy mom quote, right? What will it matter? If you’re in an accident, your underwear will be the least of your problems! If this was really that important, whenever there was an accident wouldn’t the news report on the status of the victim’s underwear? There was a big crash on US-1; all victims had clean underwear. Except for Becky Smith, who’s now in big trouble, missy!


But you know what? Crazy mom quotes come from a crazy place because kids can drive you crazy. If you channel the craziness to the right place, it makes perfect sense! To a Real Estate Agent, this one is important: change the underwear to attire in general an accident by clients and it becomes an important advice! Trimming it you will get something like “Always look sharp… you never know if you’re going to bump into a potential home buyer or home seller”.


In this field of work, image does matter. Always have a nice jacket, tie or high heels close by. Makeup ready. Image is everything.

“You don’t marry the person, you marry the family”


Spoiler alert: if your mom ever said this one, chances are she is not so fond of someone on your dad’s side of the family. Regardless, this is one of those mom quotes that are really good for a real estate agent: when you represent a home buyer or a home seller, you represent the whole family. The sooner you understand that you are actually in business with all of them and your job is to make them all happy, the better for you. Sure, usually there’s only one person that hired you and will sign your check and deal directly with you, but there’s nothing worse than dissatisfied spouses and kids whispering on your client’s ear about how they should find another real estate agent that could better serve them. Always remember to think about their needs regarding the deal. And, of course, try to pamper them all. Why not?

“If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?”

This is one of those sarcastic mom quotes our moms used to say whenever we mentioned that all our friends did something she wasn’t allowing us to do. Aside from being a lie on our part, because not all of our friends were allowed to do it – some did it even prohibited, some did not do it at all – it was also a desperate cry of confidence on our part. Either way it was a loss on our part: if she remained strong and prohibited us from doing whatever we wanted to do, we would be mad and grumpy; if she caved in whatever we wanted to do would just lose its appeal, whether because it was now allowed or because she didn’t give the vote of confidence right from the start.


See how we, as kids, were complicated as well?

But this is important advice for agents! It translates to: don’t follow every real estate market trend. Sure, you should be flexible to the currents, always be aware of what’s going on in all fields of the real estate industry. If you’re in commercial real estate, pay attention to residential real estate and vice-versa. Look to regular houses even if you only do Luxury Real Estate. There’s always something to learn from them. But know your skills, your strengths, and never take your eyes off your prize: trust the process, trust your path. It’s not because everyone is doing well at something that you’re going to do as well. It’s better to stay positioned in your lane, so – when the time comes – you can run that perfect victory lap. You are not everybody – that’s another mom quote, right?

“If you want something done, do it yourself”

Okay, so we’re going to disagree with mom now. It’s okay; it’s part of becoming a grown up. If done politely, she will be proud of us:


Yes, this is true to some extent. And it made perfect sense in the context when she said it. Hey, it might even make sense in some real estate contexts, however, in general, this is a big mistake real estate agents sometimes do out of necessity, sometimes because they are just too damn stubborn: they try to do it all by themselves!


Divide and conquer is the name of the game! It’s all about the leads. Even if you’re not a Principal Broker; when you have a team under you to deal with management aspects you can handle more home buyers. Just watch out not to lose quality, it won’t do you good having lots of clients and, because of that, not being able to be there 100% for them – like mom was – and end up not closing any deals and worse: getting a bad reputation for not servicing their clients.

“There’s a lid for every pot”


This one is one of those mom quotes real estate agents should remember in times of trouble, when they’re losing their faith regarding a home buyer. There’s always a right fit. This one is something agents should tell their clients as well. My mom used to say there’s a lid for every pot; I know we haven’t found the right lid for your pot yet, but we will! After all, if there’s one thing moms always do is reassuring everything is going to be fine.

After doing this post, we wonder if, aside from being one of those flexible schedule jobs, this is one of the best careers for moms because they get to repeat time and again some phrases that they loooove to say… but, we digress! What’s really important is this: on this mother’s day, whether you are a real estate agent or not, don’t forget to reach out to your mom however you can (even if through prayers) and give her some of her medicine! Throw at her our favorite ever mom quote: the good old “I love you just the way you are”.


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