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If you're read any of my recent blogs you might know that I've gone from full time real estate agent to full time digital marketing and leadership consultant.  When I made the transition a while ago, one thing that made my life a bit easier was my mastermind groups on slack channels.   Now, they don't call these mastermind groups because I'm sure in most of these groups they've never read Think and Grow Rich or understand that concept. 

The kicker for me on these slack groups is that most of them originated off Reddit.   I know many of you over 30 most likely have never been to reddit or never found it useful.   Reddit is a treasure trove of content but it's got a very dark, snarky audience.   However, the slack channels that spawn from these groups have the exact opposite air.   They are full of helpful people.  Sure there are occasional sarcastic remarks, but by and large even dumb questions that I had about digital marketing were answered. 

As my career continues to develop I'm finding that I'm really enjoying speaking and consulting with business owners to grow their business through leadership.   I looked around and I could not find a single slack group for real estate agents. 

Slack Vs Facebook:  Why Slack?

If you've been on Facebook for any length of time you see the groups do 2 things that really annoy me.   Devolve into a flavor of the month club.  Whether that flavor is a brokerage or tech company to bash or that flavor is a particular agent that seemingly comes out of knowwhere and is considered a "Rock Star"  it seems to happen in most groups.   You know what I'm talking about, someone has a real estate referral in Kissimee Florida, and the rock star that's recommended sells real estate in Marco Island, FL hours away.

The other thing that happens is that the group reaches a point where vendors are invited in to sell to the group, sometimes overtly like Lab Coat Agents and sometimes somewhat under wraps.  In either case, there's a conference you should attend to get the best content.    I'm not throwing these groups under the bus, it takes effort to get these things off the ground and I suppose the value they wanted was free tools, sponsorships and event money.   Good for them.  We're all business people afterall. 

The point I'm trying to make is that my experience with slack has been completely different.  Even Online Geniuses one of the most active slack channels that seems to follow the facebook model is value filled for pretty much anyone that loves marketing. 

So Why Join Slack Real Estate?

It's free, the slack app can go on your phone (you can also use the desktop version) and you can use it to network with other real estate agents that want to grow like you do.  I just set it up and the link to join will expire in about 20 days.  After that you'll have to fill out an application to join (it'll still be free).   There are several sub-channels or topics there ranging from lead generation to technology,  From Referrals to charity conversations and you could make your own channels as well.   

Ultimately the main reason to join is join in a conversation with leaders about shaping the future of real estate.  Some of that future means knowing best practices and tools, some of that means understanding how to grow your business with people and some of it is just being aware of the conversations around our MLSs and governmental regulations. 

So Join Me on the Shape Real Estate Slack Channel!   


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