How do I make a move?

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Buying a new home or apartment is exciting and a great way to invest your money. If you've just done or are in the process of contracts, deeds, etc., your next step may become a bit tedious: moving! Moving can become very stressful and for some chaotic. But if you have a good plan for that day, and support from family or friends, you can break free of pressure and enjoy it big.

Here we give you some tips for that day:

1. Design a plan of attack

The first is that you evaluate the distance from your old to the new house, this way you can determine if you only need help from friends or a full service moving, come with your real estate advisor to recommend some reliable companies that offer this service. Also you need to consider collecting cardboard boxes super markets, permanent markers, bubble wrap to protect and masking tape to seal boxes.

2. Prioritize what you'll pack

Some of your belongings should be unpacked upon arrival to your new home, such as toilet paper, soap, towels, curtain sprinklers, etc. Tries to pack these things in one box and easily accessible to not have to open all your boxes looking for these accessories.

3. Do not do it by yourself

Pack your things is not easy, inviting family and friends, buy some food for everyone and makes the day moving into a fun meeting. Assign tasks to each volunteer to make the process more agile.

4. Do not take all

If you realize you've filled 5 boxes of clothes and half the have not used in years, it's time to say goodbye. You can do this by forming three piles of clothing, a gift, one to sell and one that you will keep. The same can be done with other household items that you left forgotten in a closet.

5. Change your services director

Believe it or not there are people who forget to inform the phone company or light on the change of address. Seeks to do this in advance so you can change the service or possibly cancel it and avoid unexpected extra charges.

6. Clean house

Consider a company or a person to support you clean your new home before they get all the things and also to clean the old house.

7. Rest Day

If you can, consider resting one day after moving day as this can be very tiring and if you have to go to work the next day surely will come with back pain.

Discuss these tips with your real estate consultant who surely can give you more tips to make your moving day a success.