Distractions | How To Recover From & Avoid Them

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The pitfall of just about any business is poor communication and distractions that take folks away from their productive activities that produce income.


Distractions are often times something we can't avoid but if the average person derailed from activity takes at least TWENTY-TWO MINUTES to regain focus when thrown off ... it's all that more important that you have your "recovery plan" together before the distractions hit.


How do you refocus? What gets you pumped up?


Having a plan for this will reduce the time it takes to refocus and ultimately will start creating better habits when it comes to the way you protect your time.


Weekly sales meetings with the RERAW podcast are 20 Minutes OR Less and are well worth the listen. Check out this weeks topic all about distractions here ... www.RERAW.com/sales-meeting-distractions/


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