4 Reasons why you're losing customers

Real Estate Broker/Owner

Real Estate Brokers and Advisors as we must have a well-defined plan as it is an efficient my way of knowing where we are going. Our main task depends on the generation of customers and this is related to the objectives that you have raised and strategies you need to perform. However many times we get lost in the planning and we did not execution.

It is for this that I share 4 of the common mistakes that keep us from executing a good plan and therefore the loss of customers.

1) Your objectives are unclear

Any activity you do, both professional and personal, must be regulated by objective, whether you want to start a diet, running a marathon, go on a trip or to increase your real estate transactions, get more customers, etc. The objectives are the indicators that are moving on the right track or need to rethink your strategy, think like a compass that tells you if you're going the right way or not.

So if you are defining your plan, you must be as clear as possible with your goals. And for this there is a rule of 5 features that the objectives should include:




Specific     Measurables    Attainable     Realistic Relevant     Time- relative


If every time a target enuncies you meet these features, they will be clearer for your plan.

2) Lack of EXECUTION

There is an old military saying:

"No plan survives first contact with the enemy"

ie plans do not always work as planned and often spend more time planning than execution. So I invite you to plan your faced with the "enemy" so you can improve your strategies with field experience and not just on paper.

3) Where was my client?

At some stage of your PLANNING, your client was forgotten. It is very common that the saturation of ideas, activities or commitments keep us increasingly more focus than you must have: our client. Before investing time in a new strategy of selling or marketing, think about your customer and how this action will benefit you Remember that the success of your strategies depends on how well you have defined your ideal customer . In this article we explain how.

4) Do not be distracted

Undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes is to lose focus of what you're doing, the "Whirlwind Activity" can divert us from our plan easy. Check your progress on a weekly basis to make adjustments to your goals and to achieve your goal.

by Jorge Letayf