Hey Brokers ... What's Your Retention Plan?

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All too often the Brokers, Office Managers, Team Leaders and/or Recruiters just do their weekly meetings and then get back on the phones to recruit more agents to join the office.


Have you thought about the retention plan for the agents that are already there? It takes more than a weekly sales meeting to stay interesting and grow agents. Can't get an agent to the meetings? Well, you need to up your game then ...


I recall every time I contact a vendor like my internet provider or cable company and ask for a great deal I saw advertised ... only to be told "sorry, that's just for new customers."


Well, what the heck is there for me? Where's the "thanks" for my loyalty for the last fifteen years?


Don't think it's that inconvenient for your agents to leave the brokerage. I intentionally don't "tie in" to the broker's systems to remain nimble in the event that something's just not going the way it should.


I get it, you've got your own numbers to hit. But, too many brokerages have plans built on recovering from agent attrition ... that by the way happens because you're not adding enough value.


Agents have to pitch "value" to prospective buyers and sellers every single day ... make sure you're leading by example. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket by focusing on the recruiting and banking on agents not leaving due to the pain it is to bounce around. If you can't figure out how to get more agents into the office ... think about what value you're adding to the ones already there.


Create success stories and you won't even have to make recruiting calls anymore because the agents will be calling you.




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