Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes

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 Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart

fire resistant, green homes


iMetros corporation is shaping a new era in home building technology by offering Steel Framed Millennial Homes, incorporating the latest building technologies. 


The next 5 minutes will be beneficial time to learn about a safer better home investment.  


Introducing Millennial Homes

Steel Framed                                                                 

Fire & Earthquake Resistant,

Millennial Homes zero net energy by imetros

Zero Net Energy  meaning the homes produce their own energy,Green homes,                                                                               

IoT Smart homes meaning you can control all appliances and electronics via your cell phone.   

Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes

Millennial Homes use radiant heating and cooling systems eliminating allergies caused by  pollen

Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes

circulating inside the home using the old fashion forced air systems, thus providing a clean allergy-free living environment.                                                                 

For flooring, Millennial Homes use commercial grade scratch resistant proxy that could be color coordinated with the other home amenities and wall covering.                     

Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes                      


Exploring the Millennial Homes Structure & Engineering 


Millennial homes are steel framed                                          

Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes

the structural technology has been patented in 42 countries

Millennial Homes are engineered to the highest seismic requirements in California and often exceed local requirements.



Millennial Homes zero net energy, smart, fire resistant, green homes

Millennial Homes are insulated using a fire-resistant foam which provides air tight insulation and in case of fire, it turns to a solid coil that does not ignite creating another layer of protection from exterior heat to interior walls.


Millennium Homes windows are triple pane 

millennial homes fire resistant homes                                    

Offering greater energy saving and fire resistance

Inside of Millennial Homes :

Fire Protection

Millennial homes are fire resistant homes

All Millennial Homes are equipped with fire sprinkler systems.                     



All floors are commercial grade proxy that is scratch, pollen and fire resistant. The proxy is applied to the layer of smooth cement flooring which are equipped with radiant heating. Millennial Homes are free of carpet and wood that are highly flamablere and require high maintenance. 

Millennial homes are modern homes


The Heating/Cooling system                                       

Millennial homes are equipped with Radiant heating embedded in the floors: Heat rises to the ceiling, therefore in the cold months, the living spaces are equally heated (unlike forced air). This also makes the furniture warmer and more pleasant during cold months.

Millennial homes are iot smart homes

Radiant cooling tiles on the ceilings: Cool air is heavier and travels to the floor, Ceiling radiant cooling system provides an even, naturally pleasant cooler living inside the home and cools the furniture

dehumidifiers and ERV (energy recovery ventilator) dehumidifier and EVR keeps the inside air quality clean, pleasant with a constant temperature decreasing energy usage.

The clean, pollen-free inside air, helps eliminate potential health and allergy issues associated with forced air systems.                                           


All counter tops and showers are marble, and designer selected to perfectly complement the modern luxurious cabinets and amenities                             

Millennial homes are iot smart homes


Appliances & Lighting fixtures

All appliances and lighting fixtures are IoT Smart (IoT means internet of things) what is really means is that you can monitor and control your appliances, lightings, and all electronics via your cell phone.

If you think you forgot to turn off the oven, you do not need to return home, control it via your cell phone. 

Millennial homes are iot smart homes

Technology and its benefits

Millennial homes using steel frames weight much less than their wood framed counterparts resulting in less costly long-term maintenance.

Less weight on the foundation.

Less weight on the roof.



Steel frames are also free of Moisture, Mold, and termites unlike wood-framed homes                     

Millennial homes are iot smart homes

Consider these facts:

Millennial Homes offer more protection to your family in case of fire :

In recent 2017 CA fires over 10,200 Structures were destroyed:                                    

Millennial homes are iot smart homes

Steel Frames of Millennial Homes are 7 times more heat resistant than the wood structures.


Millennial Homes are earthquake resistant:

Government estimates a California earthquake could cause over $2 billion  in damages.                                          

Millennial homes are earthquake resistant homes

Millennial Homes Patented Steel Structure framing are engineered to highest seismic requirements in CA and far more disaster resistant than wood framed counterparts.                                        

Millennial homes are earthquake resistant homes

Termite problems eliminated:

Each year, termites and similar pests cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S. A homeowner who discovers termite damage will spend an average of $3,000 to repair the damage.

The steel frame Millennial Homes eliminate termite problem.


 Moisture and Mold average annual cost of wood framed structures

Based on the data available,  estimated total annual costs of mold damage are as follows:

 Allergic Rhinitis $3.7 billion

Acute Bronchitis $1.9 billion

Asthma Morbidity $15.1 billion

Asthma Mortality $1.7 billion


Save on your energy bill:

Millennial homes are earthquake resistant homes

All Millennial Homes are equipped with Solar power precisely calculated to handle the load required for heating and cooling of the homes depending on the geographical location.       


Millennial Homes take less time to construct:     

      Millennial homes are earthquake resistant homes


Using our technology and experience, a typical timeframe to complete a Millennial Homes is within 4 months after the foundation is completed, which is substantially less than wood framed homes.


Millennial Homes are offered in two Models

1200 sq ft, 2 stories, 2 bedroom, 2 ½ baths and an attached garage.

1500 sq ft, 2 storiess, 3 bedroom,  2 ½ baths and an attached garage.

The price of millennial homes starts from $600/sq ft depending on geographical location and land cost. corporation

iMetros corporation plans to build hundreds of these modern, luxurious, energy producing green homes in California, before offering them throughout, United States and Internationally.


For more information:

Call: 001-415-463-1125














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MichelleCherie Carr Crowe .Just Call. 408-252-8900
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I'm sure a lot of millennials will enjoy learning this material.

May 16, 2018 11:37 PM
Abraham Valentino
SOLARIT® - San Francisco, CA
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Michelle thank you for reading our post
We are looking for land in your area that we could subdivide
We also welcome joint ventures with landowners for greater return on their properties
iMetros had just started filing papers for accepting accredited and none accredited investors for its Millennial Homes projects

May 17, 2018 07:47 AM
Joan Cox
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Abraham, we are too seeing buyers asking for SMART homes, not just our Millennials.   

May 17, 2018 08:57 AM
Abraham Valentino
SOLARIT® - San Francisco, CA
Founder CEO SOLARIT®, iMetros, Nummus®

JoanThank you for reading our postThe name of our project is Millennial Homes of course due to its open design, modern amenities and its technology it tends to attract audience that appreciate the samePlease check out http://www.iMetros.comWe would certainly like to consider Developing in your area in projects fit our guidelines Feel free to contact me

May 17, 2018 09:09 AM