Swan Point Project Get's Board of Works Approval in Annapolis!

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Swan Point Meeting - 4 Swan Point's proposed development project won approval this week at the Maryland State Board of Public Works hearing in Annapolis, MD this past Wednesday.

    I attended the meeting to view first hand what Governor Martin O'Malley had to say about the project, and to voice my support for the project.  I was impressed at the supporter turnout for the project.  Over 2 dozen people were there to support the development, and although 3 people showed up to protest the development, only two of them decided to speak out against Brookfield Homes and US Steel's proposal.

    The Governor actually opposed the plan, but even without his vote the project gained the necessary approval needed to move forward!  This means that the Swan Point Development Corporation is looking to break ground on the Westin Swan Point hotel by early 2009, and should be slated to open in 2011.

    The meeting itself was fascinating.  Wayne Cooper, Mac Middleton, Sam Graves, and Murray Levy all spoke in support of the project and it's benefit to Southern Maryland, and one of the developers reps mentioned that there was projected to be a 10% overall improvement in water quality in the area due to the new development.

Swan Point Meeting - 1    I've been very impressed with both Brookfield Homes and US Steel on this development.  They seem to understand the sensitive nature of developing a project like this on the Chesapeake Bay, and they've been very flexible in changing plans and proposals in order to comply with concerns of residents and government officials. 

    It really speaks volumes towards their character when they willing change and reduce their own development in order to satisfy everyone involved.  Make no mistake, the goal is to develop a waterfront resort destination here, but that doesn't mean the developer can get everything they want, either.  It's a relief to see a developer that is willing to be flexible with the community.

Link to Maryland Independent Article on Board of Works Approval

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