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Do Unto Others

We all know the “Golden Rule”, Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you. There are some circumstances where a subtle addition to the end of that sentence might be appropriate. I add “but do it first”. Thus where you know NeverPaySigningServiceLLC won’t send that check; get a PayPal (or other similar service) payment prior to printing. If you are sure they will change the specifications after fee agreement; insist all job requirements be stated on the confirmation. This covers the “harsh reality” aspect of what we do.

On a much more positive note, the “do it first” can apply to community service. We will all become “old and feeble” someday. Most of us are in good health, as the requirements to be a mobile notary include mobility, stair climbing, reasonable eyesight, cognitive thinking, etc. Your time spent donating notary services at a senior center might get you more paying work. It definitely will give you a feeling of accomplishment that comes from unselfish giving to our oft neglected senior citizens.

We can do unto others by taking time and sincere effort in our signing assignments. Resist the tendency to dash from job to job. Make an effort to make your presence memorable and picture yourself as the one signing the documents. Borrowers have given me feedback about prior experiences where the notary was giving them “the bum’s rush” to complete the signing. Picture yourself as the one doing the hiring. You would be putting a lot of trust into the notary, as their performance and accuracy directly reflect on who selected them. You have a choice, one quick pass getting the signatures or a careful process with a double check while the affiant(s) are still available.

Http:// has been both disgusted and delighted with posts in the forum. Some (very few) have been downright vile in language, reflective of a “mean streak” venting to all who unfortunately read them the author’s low self image. Fortunately these are few. A great delight to me personally are the overwhelming majority who choose to nurture and offer hard learned lessons to the newcomer. Dear reader, please take part in the notary community; this site is an excellent one, as well as several others. You do have knowledge and experiences that can be of immense value to those starting out.

I find it interesting that “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is known as the “Golden Rule”. It’s not a law, does not appear in any Federal, State or Municipal statue that I know of. Yet, the Golden Rule is the basis for all of the immense base of law and regulation that governs our daily life. As independent business persons with a modest amount of “authority”, we make decisions daily regarding what we charge, jobs we will accept; and how we “conduct” ourselves. Are you following the Golden Rule?

We all seek success in our business enterprise. Some take the “low road”, most take the “high road” as their model for how they live their life. Golden Rule adherents are, and always will be more successful in the long run. You know the kind of notary you are. Others do too.

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