Is it Globalization or is it just a Small World?

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Everywhere we go and everything we read suggests that Globalization is here. Funny, I believe it's always been here, at least in my life time. "It's a small world." That's not some new quote. It's been around forever. What did it mean 50 years ago? That you could travel around and bump into someone you knew or someone who knew your friend, or someone who had been to the same places you had been. Perhaps you knew someone in common because of the college you went to. Perhaps you'd eaten at the same little bistro in Paris or London or Milan. Maybe the neighborhood you live in was the old stomping grounds of this person you met waiting in the doctors office. At a cocktail party you strike up a conversation with someone who looks interesting and they begin to tell you about the wonderful little house they stayed in on the French Riviera and suddenly you feel you've met a kindred spirit because you have plans to spend a few months in the South of France. Is it a coincidence (it's a small world you know) that you've been looking to find a Rustic stone gite or chambre d'hôte while you consider your dream of owning an apartment or house in the French Countryside? Perhaps a manor house nestled outside a charming little village in Britian where you can linger over a pint with the locals. There's always someone nearby right now or in your future with whom you connect and find that paths have crossed, dreams are parallel and you chuckle to yourself, just like your parents did, "it sure is a small world!"

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