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What's up with Realtor.com??

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I recently saw someone mention this in a blog, so I know I'm not the only one frustrated but how is it that Realtor.com, is still charging it's members for what they can get for free on so many other sites?  I just got a call to renew my ability to enhance my own listings.  This seems so bizarre to me when I can provide this information in an infinite number of ways to consumers on so many other sites.

The arrogance of the salesperson is, I think, typical of the attitude at Realtor.com.  "We get the highest amount of traffic, of course the agents will continue to pay."  Over time consumers will discover the content is richer and much more accessible on other sites and that high traffic volume that makes them so overly confident will begin to diminish....and I don't think it will be long.


Lane Bailey
Century 21 Results Realty - Suwanee, GA
Realtor & Car Guy

You'v ehit the nail on the head.  Instead of innovating, they've just hung back thinking the cash would keep rolling.  If they stay on the same path, the NAR will be managing it again. 

May 23, 2008 10:55 AM
Howard Goff
Keller Williams Realty - Vancouver, WA

If you are talking about the virtual tours I think it is because they got snookered into a bad exclusive deal with a company originally to "help" REALTOS by overcharging for virtual tours.  Now that virtual tour technology is reasonably priced, Realtor has to surcharge the rest of us unless we pay the overcharged prices with their original vendor.  This is only my hunch from what I have heard in bits and pieces.

Anybody have more reliable information.

May 23, 2008 12:34 PM
Dustin Luther
4Realz.net - Calabasas, CA

You've definitely touched on a sore subject for many of the people at Realtor.com...  How do you continue to innovate and release new projects when competitors are releasing things just as good (or at least almost as good) at substantially cheaper rates?

May 24, 2008 08:21 AM
Linsey Ehle
M Realty - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Realtor.com has there finger in a leaking dam.  Charging people (the very people that are your members) to provide what they can easily access in other places won't last.  There has to be some other inherent value.  As Realtors continue to get fed up or can't afford the expense in tough markets, the value of the site to the consumer diminishes drastically and eventually will erode that wonderful traffic they are currently  getting.  Don't fight it Realtor.com - find out how you can bring meaningful content for the consumers and serve your members at the same time.

May 24, 2008 03:32 PM