Property Settlement Issues in a Divorce

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Many issues come up during divorce.


One of the most common involves property settlement. In fact, it is often among the most contested of divorce issues. Even in an amicable divorce settlement, property division can be difficult and challenging. A lot of work and planning goes into this part of the divorce.


Property covers both real property, such as the couple’s home, and personal property, such as household items or cars. Courts use many factors in deciding property division issues and final orders.


Surprisingly, some attorneys are not familiar with the financial pitfalls divorcing couples can fall into when dividing real estate. Some don’t realize that there could be issues hidden from one spouse or the other through their property. Thousands of people have gotten stuck with property that is due for expensive repairs, or has other liabilities that have bankrupted them.


It takes an expert to understand how to divide real estate to truly make it equitable for both parties and prevent surprises that can affect a FICO score for up to 10 years, if one is forced into bankruptcy.


Major property settlement mistakes can be prevented during the divorce by having an RCS-D Realtor® work with you.


Hi, my name is Melissa Wiggans. My team and I are professionally trained to neutralize divorce real estate as a business transaction.


We are dedicated to helping divorcing couples avoid common mistakes such as unfair property division, damaged credit, foreclosure, and even bankruptcy. We also provide real property support for divorce attorneys. We can help provide valuable house documents and information to supplement your case file.


As a divorce attorney, I know that your hands are full. The good news is that you don’t have to exert extra time or effort when I assist your client with house due diligence.


Delegate this task to us and we will provide you with comprehensive documents on the 4 key categories of house due diligence. These are mortgage, title, house insurance, and house condition.


Having a home inspection is just one of the many House Due Diligence items that should be addressed during the divorce. However, there are many others such as a title search, a lien search, and potential HOA special.


These house documents will help you and your client in answering important questions such as:


  1. Can the house spouse qualify to refinance the mortgage and “buy-out” the other spouse?

  2. Are there any title issues to the house (liens, undisclosed loans, Lis Pendens, etc.)?

  3. Is the property condition problematic (structural issues, termites, environmental issues etc.)?

  4. Is the house insurable by the house spouse alone?

 Property settlement issues in a divorce- Our team is professionally trained to neutralize divorce real estate as a business transaction

My team of Divorce Professionals will help complete the case file


There are a lot of considerations when dealing with property in a divorce situation. It’s important that you deal with agents who not only have experience in this process, but also have a strong support team to back them up.


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Call me, Melissa Wiggans, at 210-332-0310. We save you time and we save your clients money. Let’s get started!



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Great Information, and a wonderful niche to have working for you too.

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Thanks Jerry Newman!

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