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Through the years, it has become evident that I attract a certain type of client. So often, my clients are undergoing a major transition. When I say 'major,' I mean they may be relocating to another country, selling a home that has been left behind as they have begun living full time in another state or maybe they are looking for a wholesale change of location or property type.
What makes this type of sale exciting, and unique, is that besides selling their home, the contents of the home must often be disposed of, too. This makes the process a bit more complicated that a 'traditional' sale.
I work very closely with my clients ahead of the sale to get rid of the 'extras.' The 'extras' are all of those things that we have in our house for day-to-day living, but don't need if the house is not occupied full time.
Next we work with what remains to stage the home. Sometimes there is plenty left to present a beautiful home, but other times, I will help them bring in a stager to show the home to its best advantage.
Marketing the home requires that I remain very involved; there is often no one coming home in the evening, so I am by the house several times each week checking the security, making sure lights are turned on or off and ensuring that there are no errant dust bunnies taking over the property.
As the property goes under contract, I work with my sellers to dispose of the remainder of their belongings. I will help them find an estate sale company, if this is what is necessary or make myself available for pickups for different charities. It is still the seller's responsibility to make all of these arrangements, but I help them cover some of those in-person appointments for which they cannot be present.
Since my sellers are often not in-town at final closing, I make sure that the title company is working closely with them to have all of the paperwork done so that there is no delay in the closing.
Selling the home of an absentee owner requires a greater level of involvement, commitment and time, but it is very rewarding to help my clients move on to the next chapter of their story!


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