Its a party weekend - Can we expect anything less?

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We're have'in a party Everybody's grove'in.

Cathy & Mike are having a party and everyone is expecting nothing but a great time.

We are famous for throwing themed parties with fabulous food, fun and entertaining activates. Some of our themes have been Mardi Gras where the Hurricanes flow, beads fly and the Jumbolia is sizzling. Other parties have been St Patty's day , Halloween, Summer bash and Cabin Fever. Each time we out do ourselves with a exceptional menu, detailed decorations, prizes, and activities that are a hit. Our guest love our parties so much that they don't go home. In the morning the party continues. We all sit around sipping coffee while Mike cooks up a delicious breakfast.

So its no wonder as people arrive tonight they'll have their over night bags in hand asking which room can they take. We love it. We have the best of times and we wouldn't change a thing. But things have changed for us. With the slow down in the market and business not being what is was a year ago for us we have been feeling the pinch in the pocket book.   As a result I had to cut back on my party decorations and menu.  Breakfast won't be the elaborate feast and our activities will be minimal and no prizes.

My guest will be standing around tonight as they look at the cheesy paper fish cut-out decorations while eating pigs in a blanket and say " Remember the last party, the food was great and the place look wonderful, it WAS the best" (The kiss of death).

My friends love us so they won't hold it against us, but when the next invite comes their way they may say "Well their parties aren't as good as they use to be, may-be we'll skip this one." Soon there won't be any more parties and I won't have to worry about saving money any more.

So my question to you. When people have come to expect nothing but the best how can you give any less?  ( I'm not fishing for party budget ideas or advise on how to save on entertaining here)

  When the going gets tough do you give less service? Do you do less Marketing? How do you justify cutting back services in hard times?  Is your business model different in lean times then in good?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The challenge to maintain the same level of service in bad times as in a good market is imperative to survival.

So in a minute I'm going to run out to the store and get all the food and decorations that I felt was out of budget and give my guest what they are expecting!! The best.

Cocktails and Cheers


Andrew- Wish you were here



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Kevin McGourty
Realty ONE Group - Phoenix, AZ

Sounds like your are a great friend to your friends. - Kevin

May 27, 2008 04:36 AM