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How To Create Pinterest Worthy Staging

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Because home design TV shows and design blogs home buyers these days expect to be wowed by home staging. If they feel like the home isn’t staged well it can dramatically lower their interest in a home. So how can you create social media worthy staging that doesn’t cost a fortune or take a long time to do? Here are some expert tips that will help you turn any home into a Pinterest worthy home that will wow potential buyers and help them see the potential in any home:

Use Great Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in how potential buyers view a home. Replace outdated lighting fixtures with on-trend pieces. Install soft lighting or use soft watt bulbs to lessen the harshness of overhead lighting. You can even use white holiday lights on patios and outdoor spaces to make them look festive and inviting. Great lighting is essential to great staging.

Give Each Room A Purpose

Pinerest Edmonton Real EstatBuyers love bonus rooms, but if the room is just left empty it can be confusing for buyers. They can have a hard time visualizing what they will use that room for. And that can kill their interest in buying that home. So play up the possibilities of a bonus room but give it a purpose when you stage it. Make sure that small nooks and other spaces have a defined purpose. Add a desk or bench and bookshelves to nooks to show off their potential as a reading area or home office. Stage large bonus rooms as a home theater or add exercise equipment to show buyers how nice it would be to have a home gym. An easy way to stage a bonus room is to fill it with toys, shelves full of books, and a few sofas or comfortable chairs and sell it to buyers as a playroom for the kids.

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Group The Furniture

Many agents put all the furniture in a room against a wall to make the room look bigger. But that doesn’t really make the room look bigger it just makes it look formal and uninviting. Group furniture so that it shows off the room’s purpose and looks inviting. Place sofas opposite each other and at least 12 inches from the wall to create a conversation area. Make sure that there are plenty of small tables, cozy chairs, and other practical furniture pieces in the grouping. Buyers need to be able to see the possibilities in each room in order to imagine themselves living in that space.

Play With Paint

Neutral paint is always the right choice but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with white or beige paint. The new neutrals like dark gray or soft lavender are unexpected pops of color that still have the benefit of being neutral enough for a buyer to envision their own art and furniture in the room.

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