GoSolarSF incentives for Home Solar Systems in California

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GoSolarSF incentives for

Home Solar Systems in California 

Go Solar SF is San Francisco's Solar Incentives and credits

Go Solar CA is state of California incentives for homes and business to install Solar panels


GoSolarSF or Go Solar SF are incentives designed to encourage solar systems for San Francisco homeowners. San Francisco's Solar incentives plus Federal tax credits could pay for most or all cost of a solar system. 

The GoSolarSF incentives are credits and how to apply for Solar Incentives in San Francisco are explained in the video and link below:

City of San Francisco's Solar Incentives & Rebates


How to apply for San Francisco's Cash Solar Incentives


Why Go Solar?

For some, it is purely economics, currently, with solar systems being in affordable range, coupled with all government and some city and county incentives, such as GoSolarSF or Go Solar SF, GoSolarCA or GoSolarCA homeowners could install a sufficient solar system that could wipe out their electric bills for the next 30 years with almost no cost to them. Sounds too good to be true? Let’s explore the statistics for a Solar system for homes in San Francisco California:

Why Go Solar?



1-     Government has a 30% tax incentive program, meaning almost 1/3 of the cost of the Solar system for homes in San Francisco California are rebated in a form of the tax refund to the homeowners

Using Federal Rebates & Local Incentives to Invest in Renewable Energy


2-     Some counties such as San Francisco offer additional incentives programs such as GoSolarSF or Go Solar SF:

Single Family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH)

            Solar Water Heating Incentives

Low-income homeowners may qualify for higher incentives. The incentive program is managed by PG&E for installations in San Francisco.

Click on:  Solar System For Homes in San Francisco


3-     Typical Solar Systems For Homes in San Francisco California pay for themselves in less than seven (7) years even if the homeowner does not qualify for all possible credits and incentives of GoSolarSF   Go Solar SF.


4-     PG&E and Edison Power keep raising rates on an average of 7% to 14% annually. Now imagine, applying this rate of increase for the next 10 years, coupled with increasing demand for power due to all new electronics, an electric bill for an average home in California could easily be in high 3 digits monthly.

Eliminate your Electric Bill


While the economic factors could be a long list, if one considers all associated factors, positive environmental factors are equally head turning. As an example, an average Solar System For Homes in San Francisco California could:

               Save cutting 1856 Trees

               Eliminate emission equal to driving 174,350 Miles annually

               Or Take 15 cars off the road.

solar system for homes in California


5-   Home Values: California 2020 Energy mandate requires all new single-family homes and residential buildings under 4 stories to be Zero Net Energy starting January 1, 2020. While it certainly will help the Solar industry and the environment, and add values to Zero Net Energy homes, it will have adverse effects on those homes and properties that are not solar powered. Solar Panels on New Homes... is the New LAW


The future California Home Buyers will more likely pay more for an energy-efficient home especially for one that won't produce a large electric bill monthly. While the none energy producing homeowners may face a long time to sell at lower prices. Therefore facing the valuation reality, Solar System For Homes in California is no longer a luxury, but a "Must Have". Homeowners need to act fast before the tax incentives are gone. GoSolarSF, go Solar SF and GoSolarCA, Go Solar CA are incentive programs funded to encourage renewable energy in California.


solar system for homes in California

In short Solar System For Homes in San Francisco California are leading the country in an effort to create a better environment, cleaner planet, and more informed public.

For those who install Solar Systems in their homes, Thank you for trying to make a air for our children, and be proud when you look at your children that you are doing your part to create a healthier environment for them and their kids.





Courtesy of Abraham Valentino. Abraham is the innovator and designer of Millennial Homes  Net Zero Energy Homes that are Solar Powered and Disaster Resistant Smart Homes for California markets. Millennial Homes are soon to be developed in major California Cities. Mr. Valentino is available for free and private consultation for those who are considering Solar Systems for Homes in California.  You may contact Abraham Valentino via text or call 415-463-1125 or Info@iMetros.com

The content of the videos and this article are copyrighted materials by Abraham Valentino.

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