Should You Bring Your Kids to an Open House?

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Should You Bring Your Kids to an Open House in Charlotte?Should You Bring Your Kids to an Open House in Charlotte?

Many buyers wonder if they should include their kids in the house hunting adventure. After all, they will be living there too and why not have everyone’s opinion? There are pros and some fairly hefty cons to bringing your kids along. In the end, you know your family best, but consider these tips before making your final decision. Read this article to decide if you should bring your kids to an open house for a Providence home for sale.

Kids May Mean Too Much Distraction

Unless you have perfect angels as kids, you can bet that there will be some distraction if you bring your little ones to an open house. In general, one parent is in charge of keeping the kids in line, which means they don’t get the chance to fully view a house for sale in Ballantyne.

If you are a couple, you want to make certain that both people are fully involved to make the best decision possible about a specific property. The general rule is, bringing kids to the first showing may be too distracting. If you absolutely have to, consider asking your agent to view the property alone afterward.

You Get the Final Say

It’s very gracious to allow your children to voice their opinion when it comes to where they live. However, ultimately, you get the final say! You will be the one paying the mortgage and maintaining the property as a responsible homeowner.

If possible, you may want to wait until the home inspection to let your kids view the property. Sometimes more opinions early on can make the decision-making process more complicated.

For the Exceptionally Well-Behaved

Sometimes there are buyers with exceptionally well-behaved children. In these cases, your children may even help you make the decision and perhaps even facilitate a sale. Some kids are polite and social and this can go a long way when trying to win a bid on a Lake Norman home for sale.

What do you think about bringing your kids to an open house? Would you do it? Why or why not?

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Claude, I would prefer that they keep the kids with someone while they are shopping for homes. 

Jul 07, 2018 04:12 PM